How We Roll – In Real Life (take two).

This is a re-post from early 2010. Some of you have read it, some of you have not. It's worth the re-read in my opinion, even if you've seen it already.

I chose to share it again because yesterday I was thinking about what I share here and what I don't and I had this realization that there are ups and there are downs to everyday and sharing the ups is more elevating for us all than the latter. So that's what I do here. I tell you that I'm canning pickles but no that at midnight last night I muttered something about "buying my food at the coop like normal people" and contemplated dumping those damn cucumbers in the compost and going to bed. I tell you that I made cheese last week, but not that today I thought I made cheese but I just really made a big ol mess out of some cream and milk.

Yes, despite the pretty picture I am painting, it is an incomplete one at best. Despite the Abraham-Hicks quote of the day (look down and to the right to read it each morning), despite my searching for the silver lining or the inspiring sparkle in each day, sometimes things go haywire. Sometimes we all have one-of-those-days – or weeks. Yes, sometimes we walk in to our glorious new body care production space to find that the ceiling has full on collapsed. For example. Just off the top of my head.

Yes, I have those days too. Just like you.

(Yes – I am serious. No – I don't have pictures of aforementioned ceiling disaster Yes – everyone is okay, And no – we weren't moved in yet. But whew. What a mess. Note to contractors: don't skimp on the ceiling support wire or you'll have a dropped ceiling. Literally.)

Have a beautiful weekend ya'll. And know that regardless of the scope of the messes you are cleaning up over the next three days, they are nothing compared to an entire ceiling and its associated lighting once it meets a concrete floor. Even if that concrete floor is a cheerful yellow.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I have been receiving some heartwarming thank-you emails, comments, and even actual notes (and gifts!) for this blog. Thank you for taking the time to let me know how the blog has inspired you. Thank you for simply coming here to see what I have to say.

I recently received an email from a reader who is loving the blog but also mentioned that my life and her life look very little alike. My life (a swirling blend of homeschooling/home business/obscene amounts of crafting/baking/other projects) isn't where she – or many others who visit here – is at. Her note was very sweet and it made me wonder what my world looks like from the other side of the monitor.


This is a peek into my life. It is the sparkly bits and none of the mess. I usually leave out the screaming, fighting, and crying, the icy sidewalk, and the recycling that didn't get taken out (again). I normally don't mention the dirty dishes (unless they seem relevant), nor the hideous brown shag carpeting in my family room or the plywood in the dining room (see both above). In most posts I will leave out tooth decay, stomach aches, fevers, and vomit pertaining to all members of our family.


Because, frankly, that isn't very fun to read about. It isn't what I am here to write about. But that doesn't mean it isn't going on. 

Yes, I do allot of hands-on living here at home (baking, homeschooling, crafting, sewing), but I also don't work a 9-5 job. If you squeeze crafting into a weekend or two a year, rock on sister. You're making it happen!

I am here to bring a few simple ideas to light:

1. This life is brilliantly fun,

2. Family is (and children are) magical and to be cherished,

3. Making things is completely rad, and

4. There is always, always a bright spot in each day.

I love being present in this everyday of mine and writing here helps me do that.

So I hope that you come here to be inspired and I hope that inspiration arrives without any feelings of intimidation or inadequacy or "I don't live in that world so forget it". Because you do. We all do. It's just your version. And it should be – it is your life after all.

Thank you all for coming back day after day and week after week to see what I have to say. I appreciate your visits, your words, your support of LuSa Organics, and your inspiration. Thousands of visits every month. Thousands. That feels pretty good. (Who are you people anyway?  Mom? Who else?)

I love your comments. I love your emails. I love seeing that you come here, day after day to join me on this journey. (And Sara, I love your "Gratitude Packages" of delicious organic fabric. Mwah!)


Find inspiration here, but don't look for the whole story. (That would ruin some of the magic, don't you think?) And I'm smiling through this blog at your own version of life, however different it may be from the one I'm in over here. 


So. Much. Love.

8 thoughts on “How We Roll – In Real Life (take two).

  1. casey says:

    Oh Rachel, I am so sorry to hear about your ceiling. Please let me know if I can take a day away from our own family emergency this week (by way of finding a sitter and leaving Charlie home to heal) to come up and help you clean up the mess. Hang in there.

  2. Brooke says:

    I think you are right in posting the good stuff… we like to be inspired 🙂
    but your life does seem pretty darn good. As is mine.
    Thanks always for your words and of course, your products. Hopefully the ceiling thing is fixable!

  3. susan says:

    I can’t say I know what it feels like to have an entire ceiling collapse, but I’m sure it is not very fun. At all. Wishing you lots of patience and stamina during clean-up.

    On another note, I love that you bring us the bright spots in your day. I’m sure it takes a lot of willpower sometimes to focus on the positive things. So thank you. You help me strive to grow.

    Not that I mind, though, occasionally reading about your human-ness. I’m sure I would have also been cursing cucumbers at midnight 🙂 If they weren’t already in the compost…

  4. Rachel @ Trailblazing My Life says:

    I love this post. I recently started writing my blog again because I missed the way it encourages me to focus on the wonderful aspects of each day. I rarely need help recognizing the not so wonderful things that happen. I read blogs like yours because they are inspiring. Thanks for writing.

  5. Lori says:

    I am a big fan of your blog! You inspire me weekly to make things & enjoy life’s little moments. I am an ecologist-career-woman turned stay-at-home-mom & loving it so far! In my own blog, I often write about our little crafting adventures (my daughter is only 20 months old) and ponder whether I should include the messy moments. I don’t (unless they’re hilarious)! I just post pictures of the colorful finished products & choose to remember that it was a wonderful bonding experience. Thanks for keeping it real.

    Rock on, girlfriend!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this repost. This resonates deep within me. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to read someone’s blog and they are complaining about everything. We do all have issues but just be glad that you have it better than other people. Plus, complaining is so contagious.

    Thank you for sharing happy moments and stories with us!


  7. Jessi says:

    Thanks for keeping it real and sharing the magic! As a 9-5 worker, I also look for the sparkle in every day. I hope your ceiling heals fast and never hurts any of you!

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