Long, Sweet, Wandering Weekend.















Sometimes we slip away for four days and pretend that the weekend begins on Thursday afternoon and ends sometime around dinner on Monday. Because why not? We don't have school or 9-5 jobs to tie us down, so we ebrace the anarchy of it all and relax.

We headed to the cabin to celebrate Sage's birthday (Coming up on Wednesday. Nine!) with my parents. We intended to come home on Sunday but as we started packing up I was glancing towards the woods and thinking about sneaking away to forage for a couple of hours and Pete was picking up his fly rod and creeping towards the river and the kids were wading and… we decided to have leftover cheesecake for dinner and stay an extra night.

No back-to-school waiting, no boss wondering where we were come Monday morning. Let's live it up for goodness sake. No one will miss us but us and the seventeen-year old who teaching my kids how to swim. (And we had his number.)

And what a good idea it was.

Now we're home, and only a bit further behind than if we had been "reasonable" and been gone only from Friday until Sunday.

We fished. We played. We swam. We paddled. We foraged. (And foraged. And foraged!) We sat 'round the fire. We laughed. We ate fabulous food. We stargazed.

And now we're back, ready to give this week-that-Sage-turns-nine our all. It's going to be a good one.

Love to you all,


6 thoughts on “Long, Sweet, Wandering Weekend.

  1. Casey says:

    Your kids are learning that NOTHING trumps time with family. No school or jobs are more important than the memories you make — how precious and wonderful.

  2. Susanne says:

    Sounds like fun! Wish I could have been doing something similar. I am excited about one day getting away from the grind of 12-hour shifts and having a community nurse practitioner practice in the country – seeing folks of all ages, making housecalls, in between crafting and cooking and enjoying nature.

  3. Jade Soule says:

    This is amazing. I promise myself and my family that we will enjoy life in this same way and not try to live up to OTHERS expectations. There is nothing in the world that compares to this kind of freedom and love. Just amazing. And happy ninth birthday to Sage!!!

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