A Day Away (thought not exactly a “day off”).




Apples to sauce, tomatoes to can, grapes to juice, elderberries to harvest, and beets to… to do something with. Today is full my friends. Between hanging with my children and filling the pantry, today is packed.

I'm striving for greater presence with my family, so I am taking today off from this space. I'll be back here tomorrow with something for you all!


7 thoughts on “A Day Away (thought not exactly a “day off”).

  1. Ariadne says:

    Pickled beets for sure! We can’t get enough of those at our house.
    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and this is my first comment. I had to post after reading yours today…we’ve been swamped with apple harvest, cider pressing, plum picking and grapes! After canning a few batches of grape jam this morning I had to dash off to work, but anxiously await going home to do some more and do something with the wild plums we harvested a few days ago (leather, jam? not sure). Last night we were up late pressing cider and next up…apple sauce! It is a wonderful season!

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Rosehips, yes. (Ideally.) Elder, no. They are often gone by first frost. Harvest the black ones now (where I am its already nearing the end of the season, though we found a bunch today!).

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