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One last Kid Craft post before the weekend sweeps me away from the computer for a while. This one was inspired by a simple afternoon with my people. I hadn't even planned to post about it. It was so simple. But really, that's the point. Spending creative, quality time with the small (and big) people that you love need not be complicated. (And not everyone lets their kids paint with acrylic paint or had a bucket of wooden peg people on hand, as per yesterday's post so I wanted to share something more accessable to all.)

This one is easy. And almost free. Because everyone has leaves. And most of us have beautiful fall leaves right about now. (Not all of us, but most.) So go out and gather great baskets of gorgeous leaves. (The walk and gathering is half of the magic.) Then come home, grab your glue, glue sticks, pencils, and colored paper and have at it. Make what you ever comes into your head. No rules. You can even follow Lupine's lead and make a "Bye Fishie" piece, inspired by the end of trout season. A-dorable.

You can also create gorgeous sun catchers with clear contact paper and fall leaves. Simple allow your kids to press leaves onto one sheet of contact paper, then top with a second one. (Leaf sandwich style.) Punch a hole in the top and hang up in a sunny window.

Wishing you a creative, simple, joy-filled weekend.


Edited to tell you that I found a wonderful leaf dress that Lupine made while I was cleaning up. She had glued two leaves together (top and skirt) and then cut them into the shape of a fancy dress. The possibilities are endless! Have fun this weekend, friends. xo

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