Painting Peg People.








One dreary, wet morning was all the encouragement we needed to dig out the paint, glitter, acorn caps, and peg people and create. The simple nudge of me quietly sitting down and painting one little elf by myself lit the creative fire of my two kids. They joined me with gusto (nearly crowded me right out of the craft corner!) and we painted together for an hour, and then I slipped away to prepare our lunch. They painted happily for the morning, guided by their own interests.

They are planning a new wee house built of scrap wood. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    We use acrylic paints. I purchased a set of tiny tubes made by Reeves. They have lasted us almost 3 years so far! For wee kids watercolors work but require a top-coat of clear paint or the colors will wear off.
    ~ Rachel

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