What an incredible, inspiring, exhausting day.

Tonight I am in the quiet space of my thoughts, feeling a whole lot of love, gratitude and deep appreciation.

: : For country dreams and for putting in our offer on the land that will someday be our farm. Our farm! We'll know more in a few days but we're beyond hopeful.

: : For being healthy and whole and holding my family close tonight. I will never take this for granted.

: : For a community that shows up in force to help each other, be it cooking a meal, stoking the fire, or nursing someone else's baby. An afternoon of phone calls and emails for a mama and baby in need and I am amazed at the souls that surround me. This is community. Thank you Viroqua mamas for being amazing beyond words and sharing so much of yourselves.

: : For the sweet vignettes (messes?) that my children leave around the house, reminding me always that my house may not be tidy but it's full of creativity, magic, and love.

: : and For the simple pleasure of this glass of wine. Which I daresay I earned today. The dishes can wait until tomorrow.

Goodnight friends. Take care of each other. We're the best thing we've got.



9 thoughts on “Gratitude.

  1. Casey says:

    I’m grateful for YOU organizing and reaching out to help a mama and baby in need. Others could have shaken their heads in pity and done nothing, but you stepped up and HELPED. Thank you.

  2. alyssa@aurorashoeco says:

    A nice post to read right before bed. I can only imagine what you’ve been working on all day, but I agree with Casey wholeheartedly. Lots of people feel sorry and do nothing more. Action is what it’s all about.

  3. Valérie says:

    We’re the best thing we’ve got…so so true! Like you, I never take those beautiful things of family and health for granted…have to cherish every moment.

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