The relaxing song of a stream winding through the winter woods. A hike up the creek bed to its source, springing from the hillside. The thick silence of a snow-filled valley. The crunch of snow beneath our boots. A flash and departing laugh as a pileated disappears into the forest. Trees. Tracks. Waterfalls. Icicles. Magic.

Hello, beautiful place.

I know. I've said this before. (Was that really a year and a half ago?) But I am ready to live in the country again. We're all ready. And I can feel the blockades we've inadvertently put in our path melting away without effort. It's coming. We're manifesting.

We were visiting friends last night on their farm. I took Lupine outside and she saw the stars like you can only see them in the country on a cold night. "They have more stars in the country, don't they baby?" I asked. "Yes. And we'll have more stars too," she replied. In the country. On our farm. "And chickens. We'll have chickens and I'll bring in the eggs by myself."

Yes indeed. We're all ready.

And then this morning I read my Abraham-Hicks quote of the day: "There's something so satisfying about asking and deliberately aligning your Energy and deliberately finding the familiar feeling of that, and then seeing it manifest."

I'm seeing it manifest. In my mind and in my heart.

I'm ready.

17 thoughts on “Farm.

  1. Aja says:

    So many times I read your blog and I feel like you and I are having the same feelings at the same moment…I too have this feeling like everything we have been working toward is coming. Recently I came across this drawing my husband did when we first moved here. It was a drawing of our “dream farm” it so closely resembles a piece of land we are currently looking at and the possibility there. It is so amazing to see how powerful we really are at creating exactly what we want. I have also realized along the way(especially with this current move) that some things although they may not be the dream are a very necessary stepping stone and the connections made and the lessons learned in the process are also very very necessary.

  2. smarie says:

    I feel the same way! We stepped foot on our dream farm 2 years ago almost to the day (!)… then spent that whole year trying to manifest that dream but in the end lost the farm. It’s in your neck of the woods too! In fact I was *just* on one of my favorite sites looking for land (again). Then looking around to see if there were any job listings my dh would go for. I think about that farm every. single. day. I dream about it all the time, in detail. My children ask almost every day when we are going to move there, telling me all their grand plans for animals, what they are going to grow, build, do. I don’t have the heart to tell them that someone else lives there now. I also read your related post that you linked to and lo and behold you wrote it the same weekend we were there for the KCF in July 2010, dreaming and trying to manifest it into reality. We have wanted to move to the area for the last 4 years, since our first trip there for the KCF.
    Sigh… I have diagnosed myself with Barnheart.
    Ironically I started having heart issues the same time we ‘lost the farm’. Now I know what it’s like to want something so much and for so long that it makes your heart hurt. Literally.
    One day we will get there. One day…

    Here’s to the dream… the one already alive and beating in your heart.

  3. Sara says:

    I feel it too, Rachel. And I will buy you first bar of soap made from the herbs you have grown on your farm- perhaps it will be goats milk too. (from your goat soon,indeed.

  4. Jenny MIller says:

    We’ve been living on our farm (3 acres) for 6 yrs now and it is worth all the years of waiting. Here’s wishing you a bright path home, Rachel.

  5. hope says:

    We have found a farm that we like and are just dealing with the finances, legal, and other stressful stuff (it is in foreclosure). Trying to keep the goal in my mind and just work the problems and get us there. Will hopefully make an offer in the next week or so. I so want this for myself and my boys. I hope you guys get there soon.

  6. Susanne says:

    Then we can read about your transition to farm life just as I do on Soulemama’s blog! It makes me long for a simpler life where I can care for people as a nurse practitioner in a small town, raise some chickens and a goat or two, and cook/sew/knit to my heart’s content.

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