Simplification: The Bathroom Cabinet.






I did it. I conquered the bathroom cabinet. While it isn't perfect, I'm not going for perfect. I'm going for that full trash bag out the back door (expired things, broken things, and irrelevant thing – teething oil? My baby is five.) and a full box headed to the thrift store (you know, that extra humidifier, – we needed two because why? – jewelery and hair clip overload, random baskets and bins we don't use.) And the cabinet is now spare and ordered. I think I pulled it off.

It all started on Sunday afternoon when I found myself unexpectedly alone. Pete and the kids had wandered into the basement to playing with an electric guitar, keyboard, microphone, amp, and some pedals so there was little chance of them surfacing. I looked at my knitting. My tea cup. Maybe I'll just knit a few rows…

But then I remembered the check-in comments and emails you've sent in the past few days. Some of you were wondering if there were any simplification updates. And, um, there weren't.

Tragic as it is, last week's going-ons zapped my simplification steam and I didn't progress on purging for days.

So I put aside my knitting and dug in.

All the while I was telling myself that I could stop anytime and pick up my knitting. I could quit after one shelf if I wanted to, and then at least one shelf would be done. And that helped. Because this cabinet is a perpetual stress for me and a difficult space to tackle.


Check out the before and after above. Better? Yes indeed. (Why did we have 10 toothbrushes for four people, I ask myself?) And it feels so amazing to open those doors.

Just a couple of notes:

1) Yes, we brush our teeth with soap. We used my toothpaste recipe for ages but once, when we ran out, we just used our soap. And it was fine. Bubbly. Lovely even. And still is. In fact, I kind of love it. Yes, it's soap. Yes, it tastes soapy. But it's really not that big of a deal if you spit and rinse. It took the kids a few days to adjust but that was over six months ago and they haven't questioned it since. Currently (pictured above with the toothbrushes) we're using Purification, but we also love Sweet Soul Sister and Gitchigumee. And it keeps the swearing at bay for sure.

2) The train case is decopagued with Nikki McClure art. I am secretly in love with her. Or at least her art.

3) The little boats are from Nova Natural. Along with a basket of sea shells they make up or small collection of tub toys. They are delightful.

What simplification spaces have you triumphed in this week, or what's on the docket for the coming days?

18 thoughts on “Simplification: The Bathroom Cabinet.

  1. Elaine says:

    Today I tackled little areas in my kitchen but mostly the recycle area in my pantry. It had gotten out of hand. It looks and feels so much better! Hey, I love that little suitcase! I have a similar one that I decoupaged from years of Mary Engelbriet calendars. Hmmm, for some odd reason It feels like I’ve said this before? Oh well, I have a few years worth of NM calendars that I just can’t throw away, got to find something good to do with them:)

  2. Luisa says:

    That’s so refreshing. I actually did the same thing to one of my bathroom cabinets last week. There is something about cleaning up and getting rid of the old that feels so goo.

  3. kate says:

    I am curious, how do you use your soap as toothpaste. Do you make a liquid form? Grate it up? Or just rub the brush on the bar? I feel like we are minimal in our bathroom, but there is so much stuff!!!

  4. Barb says:

    Started on the attic this weekend. It is a huge project, but I am determined that purging the old will make room for even more positive energy flow in our lives.

  5. Kara says:

    I finally cleaned my spice cabinet. I found 4 jars/bags/tins of cumin! Sincerely!!

    I keep opening the door and peeking inside. Yup! Still clean. I can’t describe the joy of knowing that when I make lunch in a few minutes, a bottle of something won’t fall out and hit me!

  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    Kara, I did the spice cabinet two weeks ago. And it’s still bringing me pleasure. So organized! (And I found three bags of ground ginger. What the?!) It feels so good to get clear and organized.

  7. chloe says:

    I made a list of all the projects I’d like to tackle around the house. Then I highlighted the ones that were “free” because we already had the touch up paint, or caulk, or trash bag (for the decluttering!) I’m trying to get to one each week. Today I patched a couple holes left from moving the shower curtain..two or more years ago. Waiting for the patch to dry so that I can sand/paint this afternoon.

  8. Michelle @ The Parent Vortex says:

    I cleaned out our bathroom cabinet as well, and it was so GOOD to get rid of all the junk. Expired cosmetics? Yuck! It is amazing how easy the job was when I was in the right mindset to do it. I’d tried before and given up before I even got into it.

    Next up is our big storage closet. Last week I tried selling our old exersaucer on craigslist, and someone came and bought it from me, then returned it two days later. Maybe I have a unconscious attachment to the thing and that brought it back into my space? Whatever is going on, it’s still there in the closet. Hm.

  9. Kim says:

    We have two shelves in our bathroom cabinet, one for me, one for my husband. Mine is organized and simple, his not so much 🙂 It drives me nuts, but it is his space so I leave it alone, although many days I feel like tidying it up…just a bit.

    Love the idea of soap as toothpaste.

    I am constantly cleaning and purging, I don’t like clutter. When I purge, I usually see it a year or two later, my husband can’t stand to part with anything so it ends up in the attic space above his workshop 🙂

  10. Tameka says:

    I plan to tackle my bathroom cabinet this weekend. I love your wooden comb and brush. Where might I find those?
    Thank you.

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