The Nicest Day: A Holiday.


The kids work up and started their morning bickering. They do it most mornings, just a bit of grumpies while they wake up. It's never about anything of consequence: what flavor smoothie they want, who's hogging the heater, etc.

Today I wanted peace. Based on yesterday's post, I pulled out a wild card.

Me: "Hey kids, did you know that today is a holiday? It's called The Nicest Day!"

Sage (skeptical): "I don't know…"

Me: "Really. It's a special day where you're nice as can be to everyone."

Sage: "I think you're telling tall tales, mama…"

Me: "Well what if it's real? How fun would that be?"

We'll see how this goes. Cross your fingers.

Edited five minutes later: it backfired for a minute, but now I think they're on board. Sage is helping Lupine get dressed and they're both being rather sun-shiney. We might have this holiday everyday…

Edited again, two minutes after that: I just got a shoulder rub. And Lupine is putting away her pajamas. Amazing…

Edited an hour later: Not sure this is going to work. Much bickering has resumed. We'll keep trying…

Edited 10 minutes later: Okay. Back on track. Rhyming about "underwear" together while folding laundry. Hope is still alive. Will it stick? We shall see.

9 thoughts on “The Nicest Day: A Holiday.

  1. Courtney says:

    What a brilliant holiday. You should pitch it to Hallmark! Our morning grumpies were especially bad this morning since mommy wasn’t home at bed time and clothes weren’t ready for them this morning. It threw the girls completely off. Some mornings I think they start at each other before their heads are off the pillow. Of course, half of their morning fighting is about who gets to play with their baby brother first. Its hard to be too upset about that. Lucky boy 🙂

  2. KC says:

    Rachael, you’re a wonderful mom, you have a wonderful family. You are surrounded by warmth and love. And those off days, well they too shall pass. I say that to myself alot as I figure out a rhythm with a toddler and and an infant.

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