Oh, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday. 50F and sunny.


Today. 18F and snow!










I took yesterday's computer rules to heart and have tried my best to stay off-line except for intentional and brief  blocks of time. And it's working, sort of. But there was something for homeschooling that I wanted to look up and I found myself quickly checking email while I searched. What the?! How does that happen? But mostly I've done it. It's my first day and I'm 80% successful. Not too shabby.

By choosing to be more mindful of how I spend my free time I've cast off my new winter hat (this pattern), done some math with my kids, we've learned to convert F temperatures to C (F – 32/1.8 = C in case you were wondering). We've also played outside until our cheeks glowed and our ears ached, made hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream (dyed pink with beet juice), and now we're off to the sledding hill.

Not bad for being only partially successful at turning off the computer and turning on life. Thanks for your fabulous comments yesterday. I'll respond to the rest the next time I'm on-line. I've granted myself 1/2 hour to blog and check email in the afternoon. And my time is up. Oh yeah, and my kids – and the snow – are calling again.

10 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Courtney Milford says:

    I don’t know how that happens, but I can totally relate. In fact, I came online to get a blog post finished myself, and here I am reading and commenting on YOUR blog. What the!? 🙂 It’s very strange how so many of your posts seem to correlate with exactly (or very close to) what I am thinking or trying to do myself in a particular period of time….

  2. Constance says:

    We hardly have any snow, either, and we live in what’s called “the snow belt”! An easy way to convert F to C is to subtract 30 and divide in half. Gets you pretty close (sometimes it’s off by a degree) if you don’t need to be exact. BTW, I have the same problem with the computer!

  3. Debi says:

    Congratulations! I’m also trying to be more mindful of the time I spend with my technology. I’ve not been as successful as you have been, but I’m getting there! Baby steps….

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