Time With my Boy.


We were invited to children's performance of Alice in Wonderland a couple of hours from home, in the town we lived in before Viroqua. Some of our young friends were performing and we spontaneously decide to go. Upon hearing about the angry queen, however, Lupine announced that it sounded too scary. She was staying home with Papa. So Sage and I decided to go alone.

And I'm so glad that we did.

Sage is nine. And he is such a treat to be around. He is kind. And funny. Observant and sensitive. Thoughtful and silly. And wise. Holy cow is that kid smart.



(photo above by Sage)




Even the drive was fun. Really, really fun. There is something about getting out of the house and having time solo with this kid that elevates my entire weekend.

And so, we enjoyed a whole day, just the two of us. A road trip (with lots of stops to take photographs – for both of us), a play, visiting with old friends in the town Sage was born, two lightning-fast thrift store stops, and then weaving our way home long after bedtime.

Having two kids I sometimes forget the sweetness of one-on-one time (whether with Pete, Sage, or Lupine). But after Saturday We're making time for this again. And soon.

As for making time, I didn't make any time for simplification beyond my room-by-room list this weekend. (It was worth it.) But I am starting today. I can't decide where to start, but I'll begin before lunch.

I'm wondering how much I can plow through in a week without burning out…

11 thoughts on “Time With my Boy.

  1. Casey says:

    One-on-one time with your rain sounds wonderful. 😉 I so enjoy spending time with my boys one-on-one…it really lets their unique individuality come out!

  2. Amber J says:

    One on one time is so nice, I like it so much that I stopped sending my youngest to preschool so we could have four mornings together each week while my oldest and daddy are out. It is really enjoyable for both of us. I need to start my list for the simplification process today. I am trying to decide where to start. I am thinking either the girls’ room or the main bedroom. I am getting a nice pile of stuff to go the thrift store!

  3. Robyn says:

    This is so lovely to read, as i hear so many parents of kids this age complain about how difficult they can be…of course i suspect this has a lot of to with the parenting style 🙂

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    I hadnt even noticed that! And yes. We do. 🙂

    Hi Rachel Wolf,
    Marlo (mzirks9@yahoo.com) has left you a comment:

    You guys look so good inhandknits. Sweet photo Sage took of you.

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  5. Pamela R says:

    It was great to see you. We are looking forward to more visits. (One of you, two of you, three of you or four of you are always welcome.) Thanks for sharing your time with Sage with us!

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