Your Simple Home Awaits. The plan.




Ooh! More ugly pictures. (You love these, don't you.) Yes. This space looked so lovely when we first set it up, but it's been a while and it's looking pretty tattered.

I have formulated a plan for how we can work together to transform our homes to more simple and beautiful spaces. As we roll into the weekend I thought many of you would be anxious to start. While some of you are probably already digging in, I thought others could use a formula to get started. There is no right or wrong way to go about it as long as you're making progress. Below is my plan:

A Simple and Beautiful Home

1. Take a notebook. At the top of each page jot down the name of each room or space in your home. (Don't forget the basement, garage, and any additional off-site storage spaces that you want to tackle.)

2. Walk through your home and list the projects that need to be accomplished in each room. Write it all down. Then you have the satisfaction of crossing off each task as it is completed and you'll see the progress in your notebook and your space. (For super geeky simplifying, shoot some before pictures. I'll figure out a way for us to share before and afters in the coming weeks.)

For example, the room above, our homeschooling room (really a pass-through hallway) needs the following:

Homeschool Room

  • Clean clutter off globe shelves and top of hutch. Wipe off globes.
  • Clean, purge and organize craft supplies. Wipe down hutch inside and out.
  • Purge and organize books.
  • Clean off nature table and start fresh.
  • Touch up paint.

Repeat this process for each space.

3. Now decide how much time you will commit each day (or week) to simplification. I suggest a bare minimum of 10 minutes per session so that you can actually see some progress and a maximum of a few hours. Try not to schedule such large and frequent chunks of time that you burn out, but schedule enough that you'll see progress and be inspired to continue. For many of you (myself included) setting a particular time each day to work will be helpful too. After dinner, before bed, etc.

4. Before you start your first space, gather a few supplies:

  • Bye-bye box (items to donate)
  • Recycling box (for all that paper that seems to breed and multiply on every flat surface)
  • Trash bag
  • Damp rag for wiping surfaces down
  • Your notebook: keep it close at hand to cross off tasks and to jot down any additional supplies you may need. (Say, a bin, coat hook or file folder for example. You may find you can repurpose something you already have that you find in a room further down the list.).

5. Choose the room that will pack the most satisfaction without being overwhelming and start there. Come back to that room each session until it is done if you are unable to complete it in one go.

That's it! Now you are rolling. Your new simple, de-cluttered, beautiful home awaits. Go and get it.

12 thoughts on “Your Simple Home Awaits. The plan.

  1. liz says:

    I heart this in so many ways. Notebooks, list making, organizing. Also, I’m one of those people that loves to purge things, so that’s not a barrier either.

    What do you suggest for long-term projects? I’m kind of a big-picture thinker, so I see both the immediate (unload dishwasher) and the grandiose (granite countertops??) at the same time. Should we put bigger dreams and schemes on the same page?

  2. Kasey Love says:

    This plan is perfect for me! I love for my space to be clean and fresh, but I’m not the best at maintaining the order of my space. This tends to lead to a sudden burst of organizing motivation, then a HUGE day long scrubbing of everything thats not nailed down, a spotless space for about two days, and then I burn out and things begin to pile up again…

    Can’t wait to see your transformation, and I’ll throw in a few before and after pictures of my own!


    PS this post couldn’t have come at a better time. As I type this, I’m sitting on a dirty sweatshirt on my bedroom floor (the only chair in the room has junk piled on it) and staring at a wreck that I refer to as my closet.

  3. Mindy Sue B. says:

    good suggestions! I’m on it. starting with the playroom… and trying to hide what I’m doing from a 3 year old (who pretty much takes each item out of the bye bye box right after I put it in)…
    xo m

  4. Marlo says:

    Oh man, I totally forgot to take a before picture. Ahh well, you’ll have to imagine. This may sound a little silly, but having all of you purging at the same time is making this really fun. Too bad we can’t run over to each other’s houses and help out. Good luck!!!

  5. Marlo says:

    I would say do the bye bye box when your little guy is sleeping. Then they can’t influence you or cry. I just always have to remember not to toss things in my kitchen trash….my girls have dug out many an old toy or art project and there were many tears. Yikes. Good luck Mindy!

  6. Stoneflower 8 says:

    Excellent post Rachel! I was looking at it this morning with Stella and she said, “Who dat pretty house?” and I said ,”Oh this is my friend Rachel’s blog,” and she then immediately said, “Oh, dat who make my sential oil and suggy soap?” It reminded me to thank you for our favorite essential oil blends (Grounding and also Relaxing) and our favorite orange sugar scrub. Thanks for making us smell so good and for your daily inspiration! Love, Laura

  7. Amber J says:

    I love the notebook idea, its great for me as I have about ten to thirty minutes a day to work on this. I have started in my girls’ room, it is working really well. Next my bedroom, can’t wait to get in there and do some purging, organizing and beautifying. This is making me really excited to get started! Too bad everyone is sleeping otherwise I would start now…

  8. Karla says:

    I was at the library today browsing through some magazines and there was a spread on Aiming for this type of lifestyle could also have an impact on living simply. I’ve been browsing the tips and getting ideas; serving lunch I’m thinking I could definitely pare down on some of our cups and plates, for starters.

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