Yesterday I worked a little, played a little, worried a little and then decided to stop. (The worrying that is.)

Yesterday I got lost in the sunshine and got lost in the moonlight. I smiled at all this warmth on my skin and at all this beauty everywhere I look. Despite the mud and melting snow. So much beauty.

Yesterday I threw open the windows and put aside my to-do list. The dishes the laundry the struggle and the juggle – they can wait. This moment of balance between winter and spring can not. I went outside and stood, dazed, in the sunshine. Smiling.

Yesterday I ate nourishing food and I ate comfort food. And I enjoyed every bite. I know no food guilt. Pleasure only thank you, especially with the pint of ice cream hiding in the freezer (or what's left of it anyway).

Yesterday I watched throughout the day as seven pairs of muddy boots from four pairs of feet piled up on the steps and then three pairs of muddy hands planted seeds into soil in pots out back, too excited to wait for spring.

Yesterday I watched as my kids went looking for bugs in the snow (wearing short-sleeved shirts) and asking neighbors for trees to tap. Something, anything, to capture evidence of the rising temps. To hold the promise of spring in a jar.

Yesterday I let go of burdens and enjoyed this now. Because now is all we've got.

Yesterday I found gratitude once more.


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