I choose yes.



Everything changes when we drop our resistance and choose "yes". Ice cream before lunch? Yes. Dig out the slip-and-slide and get crazy? Yes. Paint our bodies with watercolor crayons? Yes. Stay up late and make a campfire? Most definately yes.

May your weekend be filled with lots of moments when you surprise yourself (and everyone else) by saying "yes". Enjoy where it takes you.




10 thoughts on “I choose yes.

  1. kari b. says:

    Yes!! We woke up in bad moods this morning so it turned into a yes day, which led into an amazing day that brought me to tears at one point (good tears!). Plus, the pancakes we had for lunch were yummy 😉 Happy weekend!

  2. Anne says:


    Your blog and lovely way of sharing your views fill my heart with joy. Thank you for continuing to share yourself and your family.

    A grateful mother of four beautiful spirits

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