All day yesterday I made it my mission to search for reasons to be grateful. Because even when dreams unravel, there is always richness that we still hold. And so much to be thankful for showed up at my door – like it always does – when I opened myself to appreciation. It's always there. It's just a matter of whether or not our eyes are open to see it.

Yesterday I was grateful for…

… hanging out the laundry in the sunshine, my favorite of all chores.

… a big pot of nettle chai simmering on the stove.

tea and chapter and apples while we cuddled on the couch. (And yes, that was really the name of the chapter we were on. Because, right?! Life is wonderful. Even when it kind of sucks. We're on book two of this series and like the first it is outstanding.)

… the near magical transformation of 2 gallons of milk into a big jar of fresh mozzarella, with the help of my kids. Our first effort. It was imperfect, but such fun.

… carving out a little time with my sewing machine to work on curtains and cushions for our vintage camper. (We've had the camper for over two years and haven't used it because it needs cushions and a mattress. After all those months of stalling I jumped and ordered new cushions yesterday – and had a friend offer up the perfect mattress. Because, hey, if we aren't living out in the country this summer at least we'll be camping out. A lot. And oh my, it's going to be cute.)

… and a way-too-late drive to the country, keeping my kids up way past their bedtime with a spontaneous jammie run for rhubarb and playing in the country. (Gravel Road Therapy. You know. Interestingly, we found ourselves at the other two farms we nearly offered on, playing and feeling almost "at home"…)

… and a glass a couple of glasses of whine er, I mean wine as the sun slipped away.

What are you grateful for today?

15 thoughts on “Yesterday.

  1. Madcap says:

    A glass of whine? You’ve got me laughing! Glad to hear you were able to pick up the pieces and keep running. Mosaics are made of broken shards!

  2. Madcap says:

    And today I’m grateful that in spite of the fact that I’ve got an enormous midterm tomorrow, my head hasn’t come undone. At least for today I’m calm and confident, and someday I’ll be an acupuncturist. We have enough of everything, more than enough of many things. I have people in my life I can rely on. It’s been a full week and half since the last snow-storm. All good things! And I’m grateful.

  3. Nettie Black says:

    Rachel, I completely admire your ability to shift gears towards the positive!

    Today I am incredibly grateful that my 3 month summer break begins very soon and I will be able to spend the majority of time doing what I really want:
    -quality time with a spunky 4 year old
    -cooking and canning
    -sewing and knitting
    -hiking and camping

    Ahhh so very near.

  4. Tameka says:

    Thanks for reminding us to be and think positive.
    Today, I’m so grateful for:
    -watching my boyfriend and our son sleeping in our bed this morning
    -my son and I had fun getting him ready for preschool
    -good coffee
    -sitting outside trying to ID some of Michigan’s native wildflowers instead of beginning the work day at the office
    -reading your blog
    -knowing that I’m going to have a great day

  5. Madcap says:

    You know what I said earlier about the snowstorms? I spoke too soon. I guess now I’ll just be glad that the prairies aren’t prone to random tsunamis. And that I don’t have any tomatoes on the vine.

  6. Renee says:

    Today I’m grateful for:

    — sunshine! And warmer weather
    — a whole pot of coffee, um, all to myself (need to stop now! But I love it so)
    — a girls night tonight with some friends. A few precious hours as Renee instead of Mama
    — a few rows of knitting while the older two were at gymnastics and the baby played happily by my feet
    — and not to rub it in, but some very promising news about a possible big move of ours. Home sweet home is calling us back…

  7. Val says:

    Love your vintage camper! We have one on our 10 acres near Eagle River. I think ours might be a smidge smaller, which makes for some wonderful cozy nights for 2 adults and 2 adult black labs. The size doesn’t matter at other times because we aren’t inside.

  8. Karen says:

    Wow, I am grateful for many things…not the least of which is being introduced to the term “gravel road therapy”. That describes it perfectly – I am taken back to my childhood summers going to the farm. Awesome.

  9. Luisa says:

    Love all your “whining” hahaha.
    I think I’m grateful for my kids patience this past week because it was crazy busy and whatever is growing outside some how it makes feel better to see what’s growing in their favorite nook and all these butterflies and birds.

  10. Blanca Burns says:

    Encouraging post! I am glad your heart is healing and relaxing. Can’t wait to enjoy my summer time. I am so grateful for:
    – natural beauty and sunshine;
    – pleasant short moments in my life;
    – my boyfirend and his sense of humor;
    – my parents and my brother;
    – my gone grandmome who I still remember and love a lot!!!

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