Grain-Free Granola.




This is the best granola of my life.

There. I said it. (Sorry Mom. Yours is awesome too.)

But this. This is life-changing.

Since cutting out most grains a couple of years ago, there are a few things I really miss. Popcorn was one. Grilled cheese another. And granola. Granola might be my favorite comfort food. It was hard to live withouth.

But a friend gave me the starting point for this recipe when we were on GAPS and I thought I died and went to heaven. Granola! Without the belly-ache!

I'm not sure who came up with the original recipe. It was one of those handed down friend to friend to friend deals. Over the years I've modified it heavily, so I think it's ready to share.

And besides. You need this. I just can't keep it to myself any longer.

Do go easy on this granola though, since it's mostly seeds and nuts and they are (in general) a food that our bodies have to work pretty hard to digest. Granola is a treat.

Also, the actual work-time of this recipe is short, but it takes a couple of days to go from nuts to granola, so plan ahead.

Grain-Free Granola

1 C pitted dates
1 large (or 2 small) apple cored and chopped (leave the peel on)
1/3 C honey or maple syrup (more or less to taste)
Juice of 1 lemon, lime, or orange
Zest of 1 lemon, lime, or orange
2 tsp salt
8 C assorted nuts and seeds (almonds, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, etc.)
2 C dessicated coconut
1 C fruit or vegetable pulp (from juicing, optional)
1 C hemp seeds (optional)

Begin by soaking your nuts and seeds in ample water and 2 TB sea salt. This helps reduce the amount of phytic acid in the nuts. Phytic acid, found in grains and nuts draws minerals from your body for digestion. Therefore soaking all grains (if you eat them) and nuts and seeds is key. (We really learned this while dealing with tooth decay for our daughter. Avoid eating lots of grains, seeds, and nuts if you are experiencing decay.)

You may want to soak the smaller seeds separatly as you'll need a mesh strainer for them. Otherwise toss them all in the same bowl.

Wait 24 hours day. (Or at least four hours. Four is good. Twenty-four is great.)

Soak dates in enough warm water to cover. Set aside and allow to soften.

Drain water off of nuts and rinse.

In a large mixing bowl combine nuts, seeds, coconut, citrus zest, and optional fruit and vegetable pulp and hemp seeds.

Strain soaking water off of dates. Reserve.

In your blender combine cored, chopped apple with citrus juice, honey or maple, and soaked dates. Add enough date water to make it easier to blend. Puree.

Pour your sweet and sassy syrup over nut and seed mixture. Stir with your hands, then lick off your fingers on your way to the sink. It's messy. But heavenly.

Dehydrate in your food dehydrator for approximately 12 hours or until completely dry. (No dehydrator? No worries! Spread on cookie sheets and bake at the lowest possible temperature in your oven. Stir occasionally to ensure thorough drying.)

I have yet to make this and not have my family snitch a good 30% of it right out of the dehydrator before it's even done. Plan on the same. The whole house will smell like heaven during the dehydrating and it's irresistible. Forgive them.

Grain-Free Granola is amazing on yogurt of with the milk of your choice. Also good out of hand as a snack.

Store in air-tight jars in the refrigerator or freezer.


17 thoughts on “Grain-Free Granola.

  1. Ms. Smoochy says:

    Hallelujah!!! We are just heading down our GAPS journey… and though we haven’t made it through intro yet, this will be our victory treat once we get there! THANK YOU for this. We lived on homemade granola pre GAPS, and even if we’ll never eat it daily again knowing there is an awesome recipe out there for special occasions is a godsend!

  2. Gretchen Duff says:

    I put ground flax meal and wheat germ in mine in addition to goji berries, golden berries, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, green pumpkin seeds, crystallized ginger, hemp nuts and any kind of dried fruit you can think of! Enjoy!

  3. flo says:

    I was just dreaming of granola today, been missing that morning crunch. Thought of looking for a good and tested paleo-friendly one! yay.

  4. Chloe says:

    Just this morning I was concocting a dairy and white sugar and grain free parfait in my head. I knew I could do whipped coconut cream and berries but THIS crunch is so perfect. I cannot wait to try it!!

  5. Julia says:

    Cannot wait to try this. Did GAPS work for you and your little ones? I have a child with a lot of sensitivities and have often wondered if GAPS could work for us.

  6. m moon says:

    rachel thank you sooooo much not just for this but for the whole blog i really reallly appericate being able to come here

  7. Tori says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Yours looks delicious! I have some concerns about mine. I did this in a gas oven, so I halved the cook time to 6 hours (cooking on the lowest temperature and tossing it around occasionally, like you said). Unfortunately mine burned, almost to a crisp. It’s edible, but has that tart burnt taste. Because it’s burnt, I guess! Ha. I should know. I still had it for breakfast this morning! For me though, there was hardly a happy medium between fully dry and burned. I think next time, I’ll take it out before I think it’s ready and maybe it’ll dry crispier? Another solution is just to get a dehydrator I suppose. I really miss granola.

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