Cooperative art.














Bottom three photographs courtesy of my talented sister-in-law, McShmoogly Photography.

The kids worked on an inspiring project with some other children (and adults) from our homeschool cooperative. Sketching vegetables, cutting tiles, arranging the components; then piecing, gluing, and mortaring the parts.

Stone soup. Made by many hands with materials and ideas we each arrived with. It's rather poetic, don't you think?

It came together over just a few weeks and the result was stunning. A collaborative project about a collaborative meal. 

As for my kids, they're hooked.

They are dreaming up their own projects to make with bits of broken dishes and stray tiles in the coming weeks. There is talk of a bird bath, a bird house, and many visions for art to hang on our walls.

We're inspired!

As for this particular pot of stone soup, its future has yet to be determined. The homeschool collective is considering selling it to raise money for more mosaics or perhaps to donate it to a local organization.

Regardless of where it ends up, our creative fires have been fanned!

14 thoughts on “Cooperative art.

  1. Nettie Black says:

    How absolutely fabulous and inspiring!!! T’s grandma passed away last month and we inherited some of her mosaic tiles. We are really excited to turn them into lovely art.

  2. Kim says:

    It’s beautiful!!!

    My little man are off for a week of camp at the Art of Mentoring in two weeks and there are times when we will participate in this type of cooperative art, I am so looking forward to it. Such inspiration when you work side by side on a common project with others.

    Have a lovely weekend Rachel.

  3. Tameka says:

    It’s beautiful! A great idea for my family too! Besides glass or tile, what are the other materials used for this?

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    I thought of the piece above your couch when we were working on this. The size circle is very similar and I was so inspired by T’s grandma’s work and the work of our crew here. There is mosaic in my future! And I hope yours too. xo

  5. verdemama says:

    It turned out so lovely! I happened to be looking at it at the same time as your kiddos at the Country Fair. I resisted saying, “hey, I recognize you from your mom’s blog.” 😉

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