14 thoughts on “What do they learn?

  1. Amber P says:

    these made me smile…my kids have their own clothesline- which they tied up on their own and they lovingly haul all their doll clothes up and down the steps each day to hang out their wash:)
    it’s my 3 yo son’s FAVORITE thing to do these days!

  2. Tanya Hulbert says:

    I love clothes lines. To see your little one helping in such a big way is wonderful. I too, want to instill in my children the love for working hard. Working with your hands is quite rewarding. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos.

  3. Emmalina says:

    Beautiful images : ) I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, how we live in a culture where everything has to be quantified, counted, ticked off. Children can’t just be, everything has to be justified or have a ‘learning objective’, the same applies to adults which can be tricky when you are a stay at home mum and the days can be a blissful drift or a messy tangle, or usually both!

    I love that my kids have time to just be, to play, to try out every day activities, to watch me make jam, to stand next to me and peg out washing, to collect eggs and flowers and watch caterpillars. I could say they are honing their fine motor skills or evolving their understanding of causal chains…but I prefer to think that they are living a nice life, a life where they get to be themselves at their own pace.

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