The weekend.







Well good morning!

A link from Amanda this morning means many new faces here that I wasn't expecting. Welcome shiny new people! I'm so glad you're here.

This weekend – like most – was good-busy and full of blessings. We worked hard, we played joyfully, and we saw progress.

Some highlights were…

Simplification : : I've been on this kick for a while. But this weekend I took on a space I've been avoiding for five years. My closet floor. And I won! I see actual carpet in there. (Not just craft supplies and drywall screws.) Success!

Knitting : : I cast off my shawl! I can't adequately express how much I love this pattern. I'll share photos of the final project as soon as I weave in the tails. Bring it on, September. I'm ready.

Garden : : Not only did Pete and I haul a truckload of weeds out of the garden (We'd been neglectful. What can I say?) we also harvested some amazing beans. We planted Red Yard Long Noodle Beans this year. They are insane. Almost as long as my arm and staying purple when cooked, I am hooked. From now on we'll plant at least one mind-blowingly weird crop each season. Because these? Are crazy. And awesome.

Entitlement : : The experment to peacefully banish entitlement is off to an impressive start. They are empowered and I see confidence building. Together we've spent hours doing yardwork, canning applesauce, and keeping house. And guess what? They love it. More on that later in the week!

Happy Monday everyone.


5 thoughts on “The weekend.

  1. Dark Blue Dragon says:

    Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend and my kiddos would flip out over those beans!!! As it stands, they have to make do with the 12 melons currently ripening in the garden.

    I hope the week continues with the same ease and success.

  2. jessie conner says:

    So glad to find your post and welcome message! I live by amanda soules blog….like daily….lol. Your blog is very uplifting and i cant wait to hear more of your storirs. Love ur lusa products placeing my first order here shortly! Please do share how you have taught your little one to knit. My daughter is 8 and i just havent figured out how to teach it to her.

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