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Today I have the delight of bring your Nahautal and her company Simple Loving Family. Nahautal is a long-time reader here as well as a long-time sponsor. During the years that she has been reading and commenting on Clean I really feel like we've gotten to know each other. She and I have even begun discussing a cross-country cultural exchange, my family visiting hers in Costa Rica and hers visiting mine here in Wisconsin.

Her interview below is really a peek into how and why she creates what she does. Do read the interview and be sure to look around in her shop. It is lovely!
What is your company and how long have you been in business?

I have two, one is only in beautiful Latin America (cloth diapers, baby carriers, etc.), but Simple Loving Family is were I can put everything I create and design.

What brings you joy in what you do?

Well, I just love to create with my hands since I was a kid, but it took me a long time to believe in myself and that I could create things that were beautiful, which I don't consider so important, but useful.

One of the main concerns I have is that the item will fulfill a purpose and that it will last long – for example that the seams will withstand years of use and washing.

I also find lots of inspiration in Nature and specially in fruits and vegetables.


How are you and your business are bringing good into the world?

I was very happy when I came up with the name Simple Loving Family because that finally say all I want to: to help families to stay together; to live more simple, meaningful, and earth friendly lives; and to get closer together by playing. With very simple things like cloth produce bags or napkins we reduce much waste and also I love to design toys that the children always go to. Baby wearing and breastfeeding are also things I love to promote for the bonds that they help to create.

I worry a lot about packing, so I try not to create waste. That's why I sew cloth bags for the baby slings, so they can be reused.

My other main concern is that everything will be affordable, so I try to keep prices low.


What else should we know?
We are this minimal small family – just my son and me. The world I live in is very different from what I see in all the beautiful mama blogs I read. In Latin America there are many things that are from another planet here, such as homeschooling. We live in the Tropics were seasons are very different. But we are Mexican and that is an endless source of inspiration too with all the colorful traditions and meals.

Nahuatl has offered a coupon code to all Clean readers for 10% off of anything in her shop! To redeem use coupon code GRACIAS10 before September 15, 2012.

She is also offering a giveaway where you pick your own prize! One lucky reader will receive any product of their choice (excluding Baby Carriers), shipped anywhere in the wold.

To enter simply leave a comment below. For a second entry, like Simple Loving Family on Facebook!

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Thank you Nahuatl and Simple Loving Family!

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  1. jennifer says:

    I tried to comment but my post has mysteriously disappeared. Trying again — but it should only be one entry for me. I’m not on facebook so can’t do anything there.

  2. gisele says:

    Such a generous giveaway. I love how you describe your family as a minimal small family – I would love to hear more of your story.

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    Such great items in your shop! I love the variety and simplicity. Thanks also to Rachel for bringing us new fabulous businesses to support.

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