Gratitude 13


Welcome 2013. I'm grateful today for so much. Including…

1. Holding hands.

2. Walking beneath the stars.

3. Amazing coffee roasted by our friends.

4. Soft yarn and the promise of a new project on the needles.

5. Summer garden dreams.

6. Perfect bacon.

7. Making art (especially the project I showed you yesterday and the shelf project above).

8. Snow that sparkles in the sunshine.

9. The sound of the creek across the pasture at night.

10. Wool slippers.

11. My family.

12. Reading your comments right here every day.

13. This life.

And now it's your turn. What makes your heart glad today?


10 thoughts on “Gratitude 13

  1. Michelle says:

    Thankful to live in Canada, to have four distinct seasons, the abundance of job, home, family.
    The ability to homeschool with little interference.
    Temperatures hovering around 0C today, giving us a respite from the cold.
    Food, whenever we want it.
    Water, right out of the tap.
    So much more.

  2. Karen says:

    Cold sunshiney days.
    Post holiday quiet.
    The memory of a fun night out with friends and my guy.
    The promise of a delicious dinner and an early to bed night.
    wow, lots of things…..

  3. Kristen- Marinade Designs says:

    A job that I love that fulfills my creative needs, a hubby that wakes up early with me to make me coffee and breakfast, and a sweet little dog who gets cold in the middle of the night and craws up in the big bed to snuggle. 🙂

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