11 thoughts on “At the cabin.

  1. Rachel Wolf says:

    That depends what you consider a city. 🙂 Were a few miles from a very small town of under 500 people (but one with a natural foods coop). Were 20 minutes or so from Viroqua with a few thousand people, were an hour to a small city and two hours to a bigger city (Madison, WI).

  2. Val says:

    You’ve just given me a fantastic idea. I have a husband who has trouble sitting still and recharging his batteries. I think I need to teach him to knit or crochet. Then he will feel productive while he’s sitting still.

  3. Tanya says:

    Wondering about rainbow dough. I had said I would buy done but I did not receive an e-mail. Did not want to disappoint your daughter:-

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Thank you for following up Tanya! She sold out so fast last week that shes making a few more batches tomorrow. I promise to email as soon as its ready. Shes moving at 6-year old speed, so… well, its a little non-linear. :0) Thanks for your patience!


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