Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Pete has seen the size of my knitting "works in progress" stash.

He knows that I am currently working on a baby sweater, a stuffed mouse, two pairs of socks and one vest – and that I'm about to cast on some long-overdue gloves for my dad.

He also knows that the sweater I cast on for him in North Carolina (yes, that was in 2010) is off the needles but still not wearable. (There will be sharp scissors, a nervous expression, and a huge leap of faith by me before that day comes.)

And in his words he didn't want his new hat to get lost in my que.

So he knit it himself.

Pete has been knitting as much as me in the past few weeks. Perhaps more. And unlike my slow, methodical progress over many years from hat (to hat, to hat) to mittens (to mittens, to mittens) and up in complexity, he chose a moderately complicated pattern for a beginner and dug right in. (The pattern is here.)

He's fearless I tell you.

I didn't even know how to do the cast on the pattern suggested, so we learned it together. (Old Norwegian in case you were wondering. Thank you, YouTube.)

Man knitting! | Clean : : the LuSa Organics Blog

Pete has his own knitting personality.

He doesn't make a gauge swatch. he makes a "Montessori swatch". (Yes, he made it up.) Basically he knits his gauge in the round, expecting that maybe it will become something functional in its own right. (Get it, education geeks? Montessori swatch? Heh.) 

He swears and fake swears at his yarn. A lot.

And he's a wicked fast learner.

After his cowl and hat were off the needles he moved on to fingerless gloves and is talking about how he would like to make them again but modify the pattern so that the fit is customized. I'm guessing he will.

As for me, I'm just stoked to have such a bad-ass knitting partner. We have a guy friend who calls texting or otherwise messing around on his phone "man-knitting".

But this version of "man knitting" – oh, yes – I so much prefer.

P.S. Here is a post I wrote about Pete a few years ago. He's so much more than a knitter, you see.

Love you, babe. x

18 thoughts on “Man-knitting.

  1. denise says:

    Pete is such a girly bad-ass! I mean that in the best possible way!! That hat is beyond awesome, way to go! I just sent this link over to TJ — guessing that he’ll be making a joke here and there, but I bet deep down he’s a little bit envious. : ) Maybe Pete could make TJ a hat?!!

  2. Mikaela says:

    So special that you can share something as fun as knitting! The last male I taught to knit never made it past ball-winding. Seems like he has a real knack; that’s a very cool hat!

  3. Amy Thompson says:

    I just have to say that I love that you used the word “wicked!” I grew up in Maine and everyone said that, but since moving out west it has sort of fallen out of use in my everyday speech. I miss it though! What a fantastic adjective:) And Pete’s hat IS wicked cool:)

  4. Rachel Marie says:

    haha- last night a friend and i were knitting and my husband was messing around on his phone- man-knitting- that’s funny. i told him about your husband knitting and how cool i think it is. he’s not quite ready- maybe someday.

  5. amy delaterre says:

    Wow, good work Pete! Very nice hat. I am thinking I should try that, just jumping in to more complicated projects, assuming that of course I can figure it out!

  6. Josephine Washington says:

    Hi there, i’m a new follower from France. What a wonderful set of photos, you must be very proud. Knitting is getting a better profile in the uk now and i, have seen men knitting. I taught art in the uk and t he boys had no worries about knitting component parts to collages, but France…… that’s a different story!

  7. Beth says:

    Do you know the picture book “The Long Red Scarf”? Check it out. It fits perfectly with this story. Our kids get it out of the library every winter.

  8. Angie says:

    Awesome Pete!! I am super impressed and a bit jealous at your ability to just jump right in there. I guess I should jump too and then maybe I’d have an awesome hat.

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