Healing days.

Sick Day. | Clean.

Sick day. | Clean.

Sick day. | Clean.

Sick day. | Clean.

Sick day. | Clean.

Sick day. | Clean.

Healing days are slow days. When we clear the calender, snuggle in under blankets and let the phone ring.

Healing is big work for small bodies. (And even bigger work for those pushing forty. Ahem.)

I think we're better, really I do. But last night was still rough, and in the morning after a sleepless night it can be hard to tell just how you feel. (I'm still evaluating and I've been up for three hours.)

So we'll let the dishes pile up for one more day. And email can wait until tonight.

Our medicine will be a card game, a puzzle, and some hot tea.


Come to think of it, healing days aren't so bad after all, are they?




13 thoughts on “Healing days.

  1. Helena says:

    Where did you find the case of homeopathic remedies? Our health food store has them individually, but I’ve never seen a bunch together like that. That seems like it would be handy! Also love the Marguerite Henry book in that photo–flashback to my childhood when I read everything of hers I could find at the library, multiple times.

  2. amber jackson says:

    Ditto Helena, where did you find the remedy kit? Our local homeopath makes kits for sale but those boxes with the individual holders are really nice. We have been sick too, seems to be a late flu going through the country. We are in Missoula, Montana. Hope you are well soon!

  3. knitting mole says:

    Hope you all feel better soon! And may I say “thank you” for posting that picture of your kitchen!?!! May be an odd thing to say but it makes me feel so much better when a blogger lets us have a little peak of reality 🙂 Now I won’t feel so bad when my dishes are piled a mile high on occasion. (Not that that ever happens, )

  4. Karen says:

    I hope things are looking up for you and yours.
    It always seems to me that the worst illnesses come around this time of year – just when things are warming up a bit.
    Take care.

  5. Renee says:

    Hope you all feel better very soon. Same over here – we were up last night due to teething. Bea’s canines are coming through. Grateful for chamomilla and amber necklace and Dadda’s Ease oil. Take good care.

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