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It was a busy weekend and a couple of us are feeling a little (or more honestly – a lot) under the weather.

We're taking today off to let fevers cool and bellies and heads feeling well once more. Here's to the healing power of a long sleep, a mountain of library books, a cup of homemade chicken stock and plenty of elderberry tincture.

Be well, friends.



P.S. I'm going to leave the comments open on yesterday's magical giveaway so a few more of you can enter. I'll close them bright and early on Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Resting.

  1. Shell ~ says:

    ~ Wishes for feeling well soon ~
    Books are always wonderful in resting/healing time.
    I am currently reading The Borrowers, by Mary Norton, an English writer.
    My illustration teachers at art college were Beth & Joe Krush, who illustrated The Borrowers !! How exciting to have them as my teachers, when I had read the book so many times as a ten yr.old.
    I even like to read out loud to my Cat.
    Shell ~

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