Five simple things.

blessings. {clean. the lusa organics blog}

blessings. {clean. the lusa organics blog}

blessings. {clean. the lusa organics blog}

blessings. {clean. the lusa organics blog}

blessings. {clean. the lusa organics blog}

Five things that are bringing me joy right now:

1. The melting snow revealing all that's been hiding beneath – bones and treasures of every sort. And getting to know this place in a whole new season. Every day brings surprises springing up from the Earth.

2. Watching these children grow up before my very eyes. So grown. So capable. So amazing. I am honored to be their mama each and every day.

3. The eagles that guard over our creek bottom. We can see them from
our house, and their sky dances are a part of our everyday. Blessed.

4. Peepers! Despite the snow that's falling agian today, we've been hearing their song at the edge of day. We stalk them in the marsh. Soon we will see their wee faces peering from the wet – the very face of spring.

5. And watercress. Spicy, peppery, deliciousness. From our very own spring. (Squeal!) Also the only wild food that comes to the kitchen complete with scuds an caddis fly larvae to look at with the microscope. (Bonus!)

What small and simple blessings are you holding today?


10 thoughts on “Five simple things.

  1. Amanda says:

    Peepers! OH.MYGOODNESS! We moved here from the city, so I had not heard them before. Now we live next to a pond. The first night, I thought it was birds. Noisy birds. Then find out from the locals that they are indeed Spring Peepers! Loud and relentless! I sleep on the other side of the house, away from their serenading. I’m a light sleeper. :} oo, thinking I should plant some watercress next to our little stream.
    Have a good one

  2. susan says:

    I’m loving watching all of the “weeds” move through town in waves and seeing how they are different from last year (it’s our second spring in this new town/state/region). I’m loving the abundance of chickweed, which barely debuted last year in the quick heat.

    Also, excited for our wonderful farmer’s market this morning! Our local farmers truly rock, and the market is just a few short blocks from our house.

    We drove out to a house for sale in the country yesterday, and saw an owl perched on a low branch above a creek. He opened his eyes and watched us sternly as we backed up and slowly drove by again 🙂

    Just a few joyful things that came to mind…

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