birthday cheer {clean.}

birthday cheer {clean.}

birthday cheer {clean.}

birthday cheer {clean.}

birthday cheer {clean.}

birthday cheer {clean.}

birthday cheer {clean.}

birthday cheer {clean.}

Thank you for all of the sweet birthday cheer yesterday – here, on Facebook, and in my inbox. You all really know how to throw a party!

And it turns out, so does my family.

My vision of spending my birthday out in the fresh air and sunshine, cooking down sap (and cooking our lunch) over the maple fire was dampened by an all-day downpour.

No matter. It only made for more time for sewing, knitting, and otherwise snuggling in with my three favorite people.

Lupine decided that the best thing to do on one's birthday was to read books aloud (to her) and color together, so we did some of that too. (Her book selection? "Happy Birthday to You!" by Dr. Seuss. Adorable.)

Pete and the kids were on their game, delivering sweet handmade gifts
and yummy handmade food from dawn until dusk. I could easily turn forty
once a week to get this kind of treatment.

And a gift for myself? Why yes. That, too. There was the list I shared a peek of yesterday of "forty things" I plan to do, and also the rainbow banner in the photos above.

Because my kids have a birthday banner. What about me? Forty seemed like the right time to make one for myself.

I used bits of Sage and Lupine's slings for the brown and green pennants, so it's a super-extra-sentimental sort of special. (My tutorial to make your own is here.)

birthday cheer {clean.}

Oh, and one more thing.

The best part of my birthday might have been this mess.

Because I didn't clean up a thing.

7 thoughts on “Celebration.

  1. Michelle says:

    That is the niceset bird feeder I have ever seen. I love it. I loved turning forty. It gives one the appearance of wisdom and credibility somehow. The forties have been great for me so far and I see that yours will be too!

  2. Becky says:

    +*+*+*Sending more love & light your way as you celebrate 40, all year long! Thank you for sharing these real & beautiful & magical moments of your life with us! ~ Becky

    **Oh & while we love ALL of the lovely gifts that your day was filled with we can’t stop going back to the birdfeeder – it is simply beautiful…my daughter wants to “make one this weekend” (; can you offer any guidance? Perhaps a “Pete tutorial”?

  3. Lily says:

    Oh, this looks so wonderful. It makes me homesick in a very good way, for the comforts of home and celebration. I love reading your blog, and this is my first comment ever.

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