perspective. {Clean. the LuSa Organics Blog}

perspective. {Clean. the LuSa Organics Blog}

perspective. {Clean. the LuSa Organics Blog}

Last night I was walking around my yard, scoping out where I can plant some of the starts we have all over our deck.

And wow, do we have a crop of nettle around this house. For real.

Lupine has taken to fencing some of it off with twigs and twine, so that we don't mow it down on accident.

Because yes, nettle is precious.

Even when it's growing through the cracks in your deck.


Sometimes it just comes down to how you look at it.

I could see weeds taking over my flower bed, or I could see dinner.

I could see a dirty dish towel to wrap them in.

Or I could see a towel from my hope chest, embroidered by my grandma when I was just a kid.


Life is like that, isn't it?

In one breath we look it all over and decide if we're going to laugh of cry. Get stung by those nettles or eat 'em up.


Or, maybe both.

Today I think I'll sift. Stop complaining. Count some blessings.

Because sure, my garden is a weed patch. But those weeds do taste fine.


8 thoughts on “Perspective.

  1. says:

    Rachel –
    Of all the blogs I read (and I subscribe to mannnnny :-), yours is the one I most often email to myself for safekeeping and future reference. Your perspective is simple, elegant and cuts right to the heart of it. I find your posts uplifting and encouraging – especially in the midst of a tough day. Thank you thank you thank you. xoxo
    – jennifer

  2. Helen Citrin says:

    Thank you for sharing yourself, your family,
    and your knowledge and expertise on living
    organically, so freely, simply, and beautifully.
    I’m always happy and always eager to see what
    LuSa Organics has in “store!” 😃🌻

  3. Kelly says:

    Beautiful Rachel! We live in the city right now and I really miss eating weeds from the yard! My girls wouldn’t touch most of what was in the garden but they were crazy about chickweed. 🙂
    We were just in Vermont last week and the yards around Stowe were filled with gorgeous dandelions in bloom. Oh how I wished all of America had such a friendly attitude towards beautiful lawns of dandelion!

  4. Karen C says:

    It is so true that our perception can make or break any situation. I used to hate pulling all the weeds in my garden and flower beds until I learned that I could eat them. Now I rejoice in all the purslane and lamb’s quarters sprouts that I see every day because I know they will end up in my lunch!

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