Raising funds for Oklahoma.

Buy this herbal apothecary to help Oklahoma. 100% of sales donated to the Red Cross.

The night before the storm in Oklahoma I could feel a frightening wind blowing through our valley. I pulled my children into bed with me because I couldn't sleep, an anxiety and fear wrapping around my heart.

I was worried about them being across the hall if a big wind came and tore our house apart.

Irrational? Perhaps. But also very real. Because on a base level, all that we want as parents is to keep our children safe.

And then the next day that unfathomable tornado tore apart so many lives.

And I can't stop thinking about Oklahoma.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I remember hiding in the locker room in the basement of my elementary school, terrified as a tornado passed somewhere close by. I remember a camping trip when a tornado crushed campers and tents all around us while we hid in the concrete shower building, crying and trembling.

We're so small. So vulnerable.

As Oklahoma will attest.

And I can't stop thinking about it.

Whenever I am stuck in a loop of grief and worry I search for any small way in which I can help.

And it occurred to me that the Herbal Apothecary I created when my friend had a fire at her farm might also serve an entirely different community.

So beginning today 100% of Winter Apothecary sales will be donated to the Red Cross for aid provided to Oklahoma.

Buy one copy or buy a dozen. It's up to you and how much you want to give. But know that every cent you give will be ease at least a bit the struggle of those on the ground.

And many (if not all) of these recipes are useful in spring, summer, and autumn as well. So you won't need to wait until the snow returns to use the recipes.

I'll email one PDF to each person ordering (not for each order placed, if that makes sense), and then your effort to bring healing to the people of Oklahoma can also bring healing to your own family in the coming months.

Because really, we are all one. One community. One family. One spirit.

And when we feel the most vulnerable and small is often when we find that indeed, we are strong and filled with grace.

Buy the Winter Apothocary here

Stay safe, friends.




3 thoughts on “Raising funds for Oklahoma.

  1. Darlene says:

    Rachael, I just ordered my copy. Thank you! We live in Maine and I think it would be rare to have an F5 tornado tear through here, but we do get strong winds. Nothing even close to 200+ mph, but still I know what you mean about huddling in close with your children when a storm rages. My daughter is 18 and she still jumps into my bed if we have what we consider a strong storm.

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