DIY yarn storage.

DIY yarn storage from old drawers. {Clean.}

A year ago I scrounged up these old drawers.

And while the old door in that post long ago became this headboard, the drawers were just waiting. For inspiration. Yes, I've used them for shelves and bins here and there, but nothing overly inspiring.

Until this weekend.

I was finishing up the craft room overhaul that I started last weekend and realized I needed a new yarn storage solution.

Because piles, heaps, and baskets of wool only get you so far.

So I shot from the hip and grabbed a couple of those old drawers, cut some branches from our brush pile with a handsaw, and enlisted a volunteer to cut some scrap lumber to size for shelves (thanks, Pete!). 

And, frankly, I'm stoked. My yarn has really never looked so good.

DIY yarn storage from old drawers. {Clean.}

DIY yarn storage from old drawers. {Clean.}

DIY yarn storage from old drawers. {Clean.}

DIY yarn storage from old drawers. {Clean.}

The best part is, you can rock this out in an afternoon.

Here's how:

1. Scrounge up some old wooden drawers. Mine are shallow but slightly deeper drawers would also work brilliantly.

2. Determine which way you'd like your drawers to hang. I arranged mine so that the vintage drawer pulls faced the entrance to the room. Find your right arrangement.

3. Measure the drawer depth and width. Determine how many shelves you would like to add to each drawer. (I added one to one and two to the other.)

4. Cut dimensional lumber to the sizes you determined above.

5. Place your shelves where you want them. Using a tiny drill bit, drill for your nails. (Rad crafty tip: No drill bit? No worries! Cut the head off of a long, thin nail with pliers. Insert the nail as though it were a drill bit. Drill!)

6. Nail shelves into place.

7. Cut tree branches 2-3" longer than your drawer is wide. Determine placement (hint: lower is better so that you can get the yarn out easily), then drill with your nifty handmade drill bit, and nail or screw into place.

8. Drill holes through the back of the drawer for hanging, and hang, using a level to insure they are straight.

9. Stuff with yarn and stand back to admire your awesomeness.

DIY yarn storage from old drawers. {Clean.}

And one last thing. A note on perfectionism: At one point Olive made off with one of my branches, gnawing up one end. Lupine noted, "It's okay, Mama. That'll just make it more rustic."

See? Perfection is overrated.

Happy making!


6 thoughts on “DIY yarn storage.

  1. Nettie Black says:

    So lovely!!! Do you just want to sit and stare at it for hours on end? And then the sheep. Oh the sheep!

  2. Pamela R says:

    These are so cute. My craft room is moving into a tiny basement space. It will be good, but it means LOTS of simplicity. Plus, you need to come over and give me tips to spruce up a craft room with a serious lack of natural light. Oh well, I guess my basket will have to live upstairs. 🙂

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