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Every-so-often I bring you an interview
and giveaway with one of Clean's sponsors. It's a great opportunity to
discover a new small businesses and also a friendly reminder that there
are alternatives to the mass-produced products, big-box stores, and the

Each sponsor is carefully hand-picked and their interviews never cease to inspire me. Enjoy!

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Today I'm honored to introduce you to Robyn of Something-More. Enjoy Robyn's interview and enter your name for an opportunity to win a free 45 minute coaching session (on the phone or in person).

Something-More - Robyn

What is your company and how long have you been in business?
am a certified personal and relationship life coach. I call my website
Something-More because I have found that we all have a heart that
desires something more: more awakening, more clarity, more inspiration,
more passion, more compassion, more love, more romance, more silence,
more peace…My coaching practice facilitates how each person can
discover and live the "something-more" for them.

Robyn- happy wall
What inspired you to go into this line of work?  
combination of my financial consulting practice (working with people on
an intimate level around the topic of money and the emotions around it)
together with being introduced to a life coach and the classes that
spoke to my heart calling me into my passion lead me to coaching.
Something-More ~ Robyn

How do you believe you and your business are bringing good into the world?
am honored to walk intimately with individuals on their journey.  Souls
are revealed to me and it is humbling and exhilarating to see the
divinity in each human being.  I help people see their divinity and live
the life they love.  I assist in the healing process from old wounds
and fresh wounds.  I reflect inner wisdom back to my clients that
empowers them to make healthier choices in their relationships.  I
enCOURAGE people to step into full self-response-ABILITY. That brings
good to the world in a miraculous way!

What else should we know?
value authenticity.  I am a human being with challenges and triumphs
just like everyone.  I do not set myself up as anyone's guru. God has
taught me that we are in each other's lives to practice godliness…and
for me that means wholeness…all the parts (even the ones we label
Robyn is offering a transformational Something-More coaching session to one lucky winner. The 45 minute session can be done in person or over the phone. To enter, just leave your comment below!

20 thoughts on “{Sponsor Giveaway : : Something-More}

  1. Natalie says:

    Love the authenticity piece. I would appreciate some good coaching in my current time of exciting but challenging transition.

  2. Isabel Wende says:

    I love that ‘we are in each other’s lives to practice godliness…’ Today, I desire feeling more ‘whole.’ Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Sam says:

    I’m really intrigued at the idea of having a coach who focuses on bringing more soul into our life decisions. Like… a jungian financial planning expert? How do we live in this world, but keep our aspirations true to our inspiration?
    I might just inquire about a session even if I don’t win a freebie!

  4. stacie says:

    Oh…I si need this! Thanks for the chanceoh. I so need this…thanks for the chance!! Prego hirmones.. ciu kd see some crying going on…but I know it would help! Thanks again! …

  5. Natalee says:

    It’s so valuable, especially as mothers, to be able to make time to explore your own goals and aspirations. Even better with a supportive (slightly removed) person to guide you through!

  6. Beth-Marie says:

    I just had my third child. In this postpartum time I feel powerfully open and ready for change. I would love a partner in leading me towards more clarity and creating and rewiring my habits to support the awesome life I am living. Thanks for chance!

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