Through this day.

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

I wake every morning to a valley filled with mist.

And every morning I stand in awe of the beauty before me.

Every day different.

Every day inspiring.

Every day more beautiful than the last.

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

This day found us walking to a friend's farm and his abundant raspberry patch.

He can't keep up with picking alone and invited us to help out. 

Who can refuse such an offer?

So he grows them, we pick some, and I'll trade him for his generosity with raspberry jam.

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

The day was hot so we headed to the creek in the afternoon.

The water hovers in the mid to high 50's (F).

It's cold.

But every time we go I dunk completely and feel myself heal a bit, awaken a bit, come to life a bit more.

And the kids always laugh with gusto when I come up, wet and cold and gasping.

And I laugh with them.

This creek is my medicine in so many ways.

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

And creek-side I realized we were running late! 

We had a date with some sweet goats and sheep at another nearby farm. Towels are grabbed, clothes are found, and the truck rumbles to a start.

And off we go, to fall in love.

These are the ladies we get our milk from for our four varieties of goat milk soap.

And two of them are looking for a new farm to call home.

Am I a goat farmer?

I don't know. I'd like to think so. But I really don't know.

So we're thinking it over.

Planning. Dreaming.

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

This sweet guy, however, is coming home with us. Guinness. Our soon to be guard llama.

A gift for our flock, or farm, and our family from a new (big-hearted) friend.

It was hard to leave her magical homestead, but Sage had dinner in the slow cooker waiting.

It was time to go.

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]

An ordinary day. [Clean.]



Brushing teeth.

Finding pajamas.




Fading light.


Lupine emerged from bed long after lights' out to say, "Mama – I can't sleep. There's just too much beauty outside!"

So we walked out to the hayfield in our pajamas to say goodnight to the world.

And our hearts brimmed with gratitude.


And tomorrow?

We will begin again.


16 thoughts on “Through this day.

  1. knitting mole says:

    Rachel, you have a crazy magical life that I find very inspiring 🙂 (and again, crying at work! Could be PMS, don’t blame yourself!) hehe

  2. Angie says:

    <3 Simply beautiful. This is how I hope Jen and I will raise our future children... actually, I know 'tis is and how we live now, as much as we can. Happy sigh. Lovely post, lady! I LOVE the Llama and Goats, ah!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I never knew about llamas watching over sheep until we read about it in one of our children’s magazines recently. Very sweet.

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