Behold, the power of cropping. (the no swear words version)

My recent post "Behold, the power of cropping." has become a fast favorite on my blog.

It's a message we're so hungry for. That each and every one of us deserves to hear.

However the original version of this post contained a bit of, well, let us say passionate language. Which most of you appreciated. But some of you didn't.

And since that not normally my style (on the blog anyway) I thought I'd revise it for those of you with more refined standards. So that you can share on Facebook or with your family without offending anyone.

Here goes. Same post, with my potty mouth, well, cropped out as it were.


Behold. The power of cropping. [Clean.]

I am almost embarrassed to admit to you just how many peaches I brought home from that roadside stand on Friday.

Because if you are thinking a bushel or two would be a lot you would be right.

And then if I suggested three bushels or even four, well that would teeter on the edge of bonkers.

Four bushels. Humph.

But then if I told you there were already
two bushels in the freezer for winter smoothies and treats and four more
came home, well, I suspect that my peach issue would cease to be
charmingly eccentric and become full on crazy pants.

Because how on earth could we even eat this many peaches and peach-based things in a year?

I have no idea.

Can we talk about something else?

And while yes, I did spend the weekend
making: peach leather, dried peach slices, peach ketchup,
cardamon-brandied peach halves, canned peaches, spiced canned peaches,
peach soda syrup, peach butter, peach jam, and ginger-cardamon peach jam
(*gasp*), I really emerged with a singular thought to bring to you, my
dear friends.

That thought is this: cropping.

Life is one big, juicy, sticky mess. And anyone who's life appears dialed in in every way is cropping.

Cropping out the dog hair or the back talk, the bounced checks or the broken heart.

Cropping out whatever isn't working.

Because something isn't working in all of our lives.

It's the nature of life. If you aren't messing something up you aren't really living.

So the next time you leave your favorite
blog or social media with a sigh and a heavy heart, convinced you are
inadequate because your life just doesn't measure up, know that it's all untrue.

You totally measure up.

It's just that everyone else is cropping.

Here. Let me demonstrate using pretty peaches in my kitchen. Because goodness knows I have plenty of peaches.

Behold. The power of cropping. [Clean.]

When you see these peaches in my sink, all
glistening and succulent in that vintage colander, you know that my life
is perfect. Right? Right.

Behold. The power of cropping. [Clean.]

But when I allow you to see what's
happening in the other sink and across the back splash, well, let's just
say we no longer have peachy perfection. Oh, no. Now we have a health

Behold. The power of cropping. [Clean.]

Let's do another one because it's so much
fun. Quaint, rustic jars of peaches on my old-school table. I know. It's
like stepping back in time to your grandma's kitchen.

Behold. The power of cropping. [Clean.]

Or maybe not. Because your grandma probably
didn't have a broken window screen, a battery charger, a knitting
basket, and an inexplicable pair of latex gloves (!) on her table. Ahem.

Among other things.

So seriously, sister. Stop beating yourself up.

And the next time you feel inadequate, crop it out of the frame and forget about it.

And then marvel at how beautiful what you've kept truly is.

Behold. The power of cropping. [Clean.]

P.S. I love you.


* ~ * ~ * ~ *
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18 thoughts on “Behold, the power of cropping. (the no swear words version)

  1. Corrabelle says:

    haha, I think the swear one is funnier. (And it’s even funnier when you hear it from someone who doesn’t swear very often!)
    But that being said, yes, this is more share-able ;)Thanks!

  2. Sharilyn says:

    Rachel- you are seriously the best! You are the funny girlfriend we all need in our lives who says hey- check out my sink full of dishes! This is good stuff- although I agree the swear words were funny!

  3. vada wetzel says:

    Well shit! I really liked the first one because it expressed my frustration with not being the housekeeper I wish I were..and,naturally,that my sister always manages to be….

  4. Margaret B. says:

    I personally think there wasn’t any need to revise or recant… but anyhow, I’ll add to my comment from the first time around and tell you (again) how much I love this post. And also tell you how a post of similar sort is what first drew me to your blog. Over 3 years ago (Spring 2010) you posted about perfection of mythical proportions which some blogs depict (“here is my beautiful home, here are photos of all the healthy delicious food I cook in my perpetually tidy kitchen, here are my charming children, here are the gorgeous crafts I’ve made.”) On those blogs no one is ever sick or grumpy, the house is never messy or dirty and the blogger obviously has endless hours to craft, create, document it all and post on her blog.

    In discussing this kind of blogging, you explained that your blog was a place for you to shine a focus on the people and things you love in your life… all the good and beautiful things for which you were grateful. It didn’t mean that the other stuff (the grumpiness, the grubbiness, etc…) wasn’t waiting in the wings, however you stated you chose not to focus on it in your blog (I cannot find the post now, but it was around the time you created a blog post about manifestation boards.)

    Anyhow, thank you (again) for yet another lovely and inspiring post.

  5. ZingDay says:

    I must say that I use “clean” language in my everyday life and wasn’t offended by your definitions at all. But sometimes, like your original post, it truly drives the point home. Still Awesome!

  6. Kelly Sage says:

    LOVE this!! And with a morning start like today, I’m totally cropping and seeing on the fact that I am now alone in the house for the first time in two months and that is *%$^ AWESOME!!

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