{This moment}


I'm joining Amanda again this week with This Moment. And while this may not be my best photography ever, it was certainly a strange moment in our week. Did anyone loose a pig?

Feel free to link to your own in the comments!

Wishing you wild and free sort of weekend.


16 thoughts on “{This moment}

  1. Erin says:

    Cool picture! I know it’s a “This moment”, but: what’s the story behind it??? (I couldn’t resist a reference to “weirdest moment ever” on soulemama).

  2. Emma says:

    Rachel! That is so strange…I was talking to my mum this morning who followed a pig down a narrow country road for nearly 2km, he was just meandering along!! We had a good giggle about it. This was the opposite side of the world from you but what a coincidence.

  3. Beth says:

    I’d say you’re getting your share of wild/weird moments. Good work making the most of them! Wondering if you’d share about how you knew to treat Pete and Lupine for Lyme…our daughter has a fever of 99.0 as of yesterday and no other real symptoms (just a little tired, but very happy).

  4. Rachel Wolf says:

    Pete and Lu are both taking antibiotics. After that we’re all switching to small doses of the following herbal tinctures: cat’s claw, japanese knotweed, and teasel root. We’re trying to get plenty of rest and eat good, nourishing food. Be well over there!

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