We bought the farm!




Yesterday we took the leap we've been wanting to make since November. Or longer.

We bought the farm we've been renting since autumn.

It's finally ours. Our. Farm.


First step? Taking down the satellite dishes. Of course.

And then? It's time to paint and rip out some walls.

We're so happy!

(And in case you're wondering, the "bought the farm" jokes just don't get old around here.)

Now all we need is a name for this magical place. Any suggestions?



36 thoughts on “We bought the farm!

  1. KC says:

    Wonderful! I hear a sigh of relief in your voice. It may not have been nice to wait so long, but for me it’s been comforting to know that it has taken you a while to buy your own place. I keep thinking we are running out of time. But really there is more time. My kids are young still and will have plenty of time to be in open and play outside with a garden and chickens. Manifest right?!

  2. arianne says:

    Congratulations. My daughter and I are drinking in your beautiful pictures. It’s a lovely place. I hope someday we find the perfect place as well. A name? Hmmm……How about Red Acres Farm?

  3. Stacy says:

    Able acres.
    Wolf acres (obvs)
    Forever acres

    I’m a bit hung up on the acres part:) congratulations to your family!! Enjoy your new (no longer rented) home!!

  4. Karla says:

    Awesome! Congratulations! That’s so exciting. We don’t have a farm, but we have our own garden, plan on getting honeybees and fruit trees next year… maybe chickens? We’ll see. I think about what to call it, just in case. I joke about “Crazy Acres” or “Crazy Curry Acres.” 🙂 I personally think something with the word “homestead” would be nice for me, but since you DO live on a farm… I dunno! There’s a place near us called Good Karma Farma, which I think is neat. If you want it to be an extension of Lusa you could work that in there as well. Have fun!

  5. tameka says:

    Awesome!! Congratulations!! How about The Pack or The Homerange? I thinking of Wolf ecology since your last name is Wolf.

  6. LIsa says:

    Congratulations. It’s really beautiful and so easy to absorb how special this land is from your words and photos. How about Misty Morning(s) Farm? Sounds magical.

  7. Jai says:

    We used to live on 10 acres in SW colorado on a ranch. We called it the Westgard Ranch. But it often turned into the Westgard Wanch. =) So, what about the Wolf Wanch. =) Just kidding.

  8. Fräulein Rucksack says:

    Sweet thing. Can’t imagine something like that though, the biggest purchase I made so far was a washing machine… we grow, right?
    Can’t wait to read about the name but I think that’s not the first thing to do, mh?

  9. susan says:

    Congratulations! From the snippets you’ve shared, it seems like it’s been a long road with many ups and downs. What a happy ending… and a beautiful farm! So excited for your family 🙂

  10. Sue says:

    I’ve seen a darling chicken coop with a satalite dish as the roof… if you are looking to re-purpose. It was on pinterest but I’m not finding the link. Happy farming!

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