Cultivating gratitude.

I believe that cultivating
gratitude can transform not only how we view our (beautiful yet deeply
imperfect) lives, but transforms our lives themselves.

Each week I will share with you seven things that I am thankful for.

I'd love to have you join me in your own post or simply here in the comments.

Because taking just a moment to appreciate what we have can change everything.

Viroqua Harvest Parade 2013 [Clean.]

Viroqua Harvest Parade 2013 [Clean.]

Viroqua Harvest Parade 2013 [Clean.]

Viroqua Harvest Parade 2013 [Clean.]

Viroqua Harvest Parade 2013 [Clean.]

Viroqua Harvest Parade 2013 [Clean.]

Today I'm thankful for…

1. this incredible parade and the magical small town that keeps me in awe year after year;

2. the hard frost that ushered in a new season two nights ago;

3. a new project on my needles with yarn from my stash (for a little lady about to turn seven);

4. family work days at LüSa Organics;

5. gathering with friends around the fire pit on our farm for an impromptu welcome to Autumn;

6. cozy fingerless gloves and wool slippers; 

and 7. your words and support along this journey.  

Link up to a post of your own in the comments, or simply leave your
list there. I look forward to seeing what ordinary, extraordinary
blessings you're counting today.


10 thoughts on “Cultivating gratitude.

  1. Nettie Black says:

    Today I am thankful for:

    1. Autumn and the month of October (my absolute favorite time of year!)

    2. My family… Almost 10 years together, two children, and two dogs later…

    3. Fall break is rapidly approaching.

    4. Two goats that will join us just for this weekend.

    5. Rare and precious time with friends.

    6. What feels like falling into a rhythm that makes sense for our family. (for now.)

    7. and I am still so so so thankful every single day that I no longer have hyperemesis.

  2. Marie says:

    Gratitude for:

    1. the extreme bounty of black walnuts falling in our yard, and the many, many recommendations, tutorials and homesteading articles on how to harvest them.

    2. our sweet little Wren and her third birthday!!! Three times around the sun, Oh, my!

    3. the beautiful barn my husband made with re-purposed wood from a shoe rack. The perfect home for the little wooden animals that were a big part of our birthday celebration.

    4. the beauty of a shared knitting project, with sisters, sisters in law and nieces to make our Mama a cozy blanket.

    5. a pediatrician who’s also a fellow folk musician and all around good guy.

    6. returning wellness after a rough few weeks of the family icks.

    7. the two beautiful sweet gum trees across the street that lead us in blazing color into another beautiful fall.

  3. Nettie Black says:

    and 8. upon returning home, the look of pure joy on A’s face when she opened the package waiting on our front porch. (She hasn’t taken the dress off since. Thank you and give that almost seven year old a hug from us; the story of the dress will continue for years to come.)

  4. Carrie B says:

    I love the striped tights photo. 🙂

    I’m grateful today for:
    –The lovely scent & pheromones when I smell my baby boy’s head
    –9 sweet months tomorrow with our son
    –A sleeping child
    –A proper pot of tea and “mommy time”
    –Our home
    –Friends who have a car diagnostic machine
    –Upcoming dinner dates with friends
    –New opportunities

  5. Jai says:

    I am grateful for…
    another day on earth with my kids and hubs
    My health
    warm coffee and sweet smootie made for me before I awaken
    deep love between my hubs and I
    a best friend who is more my sister
    beautiful colors on the trees.

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