4 thoughts on “Happier.

  1. jo says:

    thank you – i thoroughly enjoyed your post 🙂
    i have a question: in regarding that we are each on our “own right path”
    (love that phrase), we are more of an artistic family and started out in waldorf which slowly went into a pick-your-own type of non-standard in regards to our way of studies. basically, we are behind in math and a few of the other “standards” – by how much i don’t know – which is always a worry that seeps into my mind on a daily basis. we currently tend to stray from any normal to encourage the girls to think outside the day-after-day box. but is this to much NON-normal? any advice would be welcome and many thanks for considering 🙂

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hi Jo,
    Im such a proponent of learning what were interested in. Weve never taught math beyond making Lupine homemade worksheets when shes math obsessed. Everything Sage knows at 11 (all the basics) he has learned by playing Dungeons and Dragons, adapting recipes, and building tree houses. Like reading, weve never pushed it. And they learn. I try to put grade level as far out of my mind as I can because its a crazy-maker. They will be advanced in some areas and behind in others. Instead, lets just let them be – and find passion for learning.

    I found this too which you might enjoy. Be well!


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