November ramblings

November | Clean.

November | Clean.

November | Clean.

November | Clean.

I woke up this morning and realized that it's already Friday.

And already late November.

Now how did that happen? (Either or both.)


As I wrapped my hands around a cup of tea in the early darkness, I peered out into the valley where everything – and everyone – was dusted in snow.

Beauty. Stillness. Magic.


And yet here I stand wondering how it could have gotten so late so soon.

For all of it's cold winds and grey skies, November's dark days certainly move fast each year.


Our family is in the thick of prepping the farm for winter.

It's also deer season.

And it's LüSa craft show (and holiday gift) season.

And then of course there is Thanksgiving to prepare for and Solstice gifts to make.

Oh, November. You are predictable madness.


So today I'm hoping to get organized.

Collect the supplies for our holiday gifts.

Make some lists.

Start crafting.

And maybe even clean my floors.

(Okay. Probably not the last one.)


Before I go, I have a few small announcements and links you might enjoy…

November | Clean.

1. I'm on Instagram now!

I'm just getting my sea legs with this smart phone, but I'm catching on. Slowly.

You can find me right over here if you care to follow along.

It seems like it might just be my ideal way to stay connected social media-wise, as I love to speak through pictures.


November | Clean.

2. I've been gathering up DIY holiday gift ideas for you.

If you're feeling like digging in to some homemade gift giving this season, I have a new Pinterest board that is brimming with simple inspiration for kid-made and adult-made gifts.

I'm so inspired by other people's creations, and the pins here have gotten me pumped for making (and giving).

My kids are choosing projects to pin here, too, so many are appropriate for your little ones as well.


November | Clean.

3. If you're also buying gifts, may I boldly and shamelessly suggest LüSa?

Crafting gifts is a beautiful thing, but sometimes we purchase a gift or two as well.

I'd be so honored if you shared something from my small business.

Because I write here simply for the joy and the journey. As you might suspect, I don't get paid to do it.

LüSa Organics on the other hand is how we stock the pantry and pay the bills.

It is our everything.

You can find our special holiday gifts here (which I promise – you will love!).

Thanks so much.


November | Clean.

In that vein, today I'm loading the truck for a LüSa Organics holiday show in Madison tomorrow (the Craftacular). If you're local do come on by and introduce yourself! It's always fun to meet readers and LüSa customers alike.

Love to you all this snowy November morning. Have a restful, productive, good-messy sort of weekend, friends.

Wherever you may be.


Edited: Just one more thing. A friend just sent me this. It's lovely and beautiful and answers the question of "what do stay at home parents do, anyway?" Love.

12 thoughts on “November ramblings

  1. Marie says:


    We just got our latest box of lovely Lusa soaps and oils. We purchased the soaps naked and Wren and I will be felting them this weekend in lovely warm shades of wool to give as gifts with a little cinnamon ornament to some of our loved ones this year. The relaxing oils are for our bedtime ritual. Thanks for the glow you’ve added to these gray November days!

  2. Knitting Mole says:

    I am ridiculously excited to see you on Instagram! (I may be slightly addicted to IG) If you follow us back (AtomicVault) you will be seeing mostly Mid Century Modern decor which we sell on Etsy (pays for groceries!). To keep it confusing, both hubs and I answer/post, just FYI 🙂

    Hmm, felted Lusa soap seems like a good idea…might have to do that! 😉

  3. Marlo says:

    I’m loving these pictures of a dusting of snow. We don’t get much here in Maryland, so I love to get my fill vicariously. And that 3 Queens video…I watched it in the wee hours of the morning while I nursed my own newborn babe. I wept as I watched it through twice. How beautiful. It has changed the way I have looked at my four little girls the past few days. I’m trying to soak it all in more. Enjoy the wonder of motherhood. I always hear your words in my mind, to “get outside everyday”. Thanks for having this space for all of us to visit. And those sheep are so cute!

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