Rest. | Clean.

rest | Clean.

Rest. | Clean.

Rest. | Clean.

Rest. | Clean.

Yesterday the dishes were left in the sink.


Yesterday we rested.


Yesterday the work that did get done was shared by all.


Yesterday I made space to also care for me.


We made play dough. (Black was the runaway favorite, colored with a tablet of activated charcoal. And may I suggest mixing in glitter to any color? So. Fun.)

There was knitting. (This simple hat for Sage.)

There was even a movie for goodness sake. A rare and special treat for all.


And today?

More of the same is on our agenda.

Right through until Monday.


Wishing a wonderful weekend and good health to you all!

Thanks for all the kindness.




13 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Michelle says:

    Rest. Yes I hear you on that one. Same thing over here. Having had the flu for the first time ever (that I can remember) I am not a fan. Makes me consider a flu shot next year. I probably won’t do that though. I’d be more scared of it than having the flu. Hope you all feel better. I am so thankful that Athena didn’t get sick. That is so hard to watch little ones suffer.

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Movies are ever so tricky over here. Lupine dislikes any suspense or anything even slightly scary. She watched Despicable Me with her brother recently and they loved it, so we watched it again! She also liked Mary Poppins, but that is about it for movies that went over well for Lu.

  3. Cassandra says:

    Can I recommend some Hayao Miyazaki animated children’s films? My children are also REALLY sensitive to scary/suspense. But they love these magical Japanese films. “My Neighbor Totoro” “Ponyo” and “KiKi’s Delivery Service” are their absolute favorites.

  4. Carrie @ November Morning says:

    I’ve been knitting a lot from the Simple collection. I’ve loved each pattern I’ve tried. Right now I’m actually finishing up my second pair of Rye socks for my husband. Sometimes simple is just right, ya know?
    It’s good to see you have all been getting some rest. Take care!

  5. Pamela R says:

    Ah. I hope you are feeling well. Just looking at your knitting makes me happy. It’s KILLING me to look at my basket of almost-finisheds and not be able to knit. One thumb…no knitting…oh well! 🙂

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