Getting out

Winter! | Clean.

Winter! | Clean.

Winter! | Clean.

Winter! | Clean.

Winter! | Clean.

Winter! | Clean.

I don't know about your family, but after a long spell of being under the weather, everyone around here starts to go a little completely stir crazy.

That extra-special bouncing off the walls and driving the grown-ups batty sort of crazy.

It's been like that over here, with us laid out for more than a week by this nonsense we call the flu.

And as Lupine sat at the table eating a snack late Saturday morning she mused aloud about one disappointment from this season.

"It's too bad we missed the winter festival because we were sick."

The winter festival! I hadn't given it a thought in weeks.

I ran to the computer and looked it up. Today! It was today!

In just shy of three minutes the kids and were bundled up and on the road, headed to the Kickapoo Valley Reserve for their annual community winter festival.

Pete, still sick, stayed home to rest and no doubt appreciate the rare and deep silence that came with our departure.

From sleigh rides to sledding and skating, from hanging out in the quinzhee to a delightful chance to visit with friends, it was just what we needed to kick this flu for good.

So. Good.

Because even this hermit needs to get out there and see her people now and then.

And somehow after being home – sick – with family for days on end, standing there in the snow watching our kids zip across the ice or down the hill while we chatted about knitting, homeschooling, goat diseases, and the like with friends was pure bliss.

That night the kids and I dragged ourselves up to bed, utterly exhausted.

Because better from the flu by a couple of days still isn't the health we're used to being.

We read stories and cuddled and I kissed them goodnight. As I left their room I glanced at my watch – 6:50.

And they were out.

Twelve hours later that were both still asleep.

And now? It's Monday. It's January 13 for goodness sake. (Where did this month go?)

I'm getting anxious to start our winter homeschooling season.

To find our rhythm again.

To hit our groove.

To clean some closets.

To be well and present and alive and loving life once more.

Oh, yeah. I might be half a month late for the party, but bring it on, January.

I think I'm (finally!) ready.



15 thoughts on “Getting out

  1. Michelle says:

    Isn’t that the truth? This flu has made me miss my usual January doings too. It is like two weeks are gone, just like that. We went snowshoeing yesterday and boy oh boy did that deplete my energy stores. It sure is taking a long time to completely heal. I am sleeping 10 hours at night still!

  2. Tamika says:

    Glad you all are on the mend! I cannot wait until I can get out and meet up with people and just let the kids run! Having a toddler in this January weather makes for a lot of longing for fresh air! The festival looks fun, hopefully next year I can take the kids! I see the sun is out, time to go outside!!

  3. Ashley says:

    I just found your blog in the semi-drugged, brain addled ill state of the last 2 weeks.. this post was very similar to my family’s experience of having some bad cold/flu nastiness. First day back at work today, and ready to start 2014! I think I will greatly enjoy your posts.. not yet a homeschooler or homesteader, but in the planning stages!

  4. Knitting Mole says:

    For a second there I thought you were gonna tell us you got horses! 🙂

    Yep, its been a wacky start the year hasn’t it? Today feels like my first day back as its gonna be my first whole week at work (barring any disasters). Best of luck to us all for a new month and new year!

  5. KC says:

    We are so off our homeschooling groove as well. we just took a week off to go on vacation. We retreated to the mountains sans internet and cell phones and just played in the snow for three days, drank huge amounts of tea and learned that my girls can entertain themselves with nothing more than some books and a few playsilks.

    How do you get back into a homeschool groove?

  6. Rachel Wolf says:

    Your trip sounds heavenly! To find our groove again I do two things: 1) schedule my work (IE: distracted) time; and 2) make myself available. We set goals for the quarter (work on math was #1 for both kids) and then we gather at the table and do it!

  7. Little Mountain Haven says:

    That looks like so much fun! We’ve reversed the stir crazy and have been lounging around the past 3 weeks from seeing too many people over the holidays. (10-40 ppl a day for 7 days plus two full days of driving 12 hrs each day!! I was DONE).
    The horse sleigh ride looks wonderful. It’s something I’ve always wanted to experience. One day!
    Glad everyone is healing.

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