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Only love. Dropping the guilt. | Clean

In a world where apparent perfection is always just a mouse click away, I want to remind you that perfection is a myth.

It's a myth.


Let it go.


Because today you may feel like a Valentine flunkie.

Because your feed is full of heart-shaped cupcakes and buckets of roses and hand embroidered Valentines. And maybe you barely managed to hug and kiss your kids as they ran out the door in the morning.






Don't buy in.


Because even without homemade chocolates and a pink and red heart-clad decorating scheme, you're still a kick-ass parent/partner/lover/friend.

Your love is what's real. Share that.


In my world, I sometimes go all out.

And those days our house is a delicious, crafty, magical wonderland.

Other times I don't.


Like today. 


Today's festivities consisted of a quickly cut out heart-shaped card for each of the kids, made as I listened to their feet padding down the stairs in the morning. Each simply read, "I love you! <3 Mama" in partially dried out marker.

Oh, and I colored their milk pink at breakfast.

As for tangibles, that was it.

Nothing more.


And it was enough.


Today I want to absolve you of any guilt you feel because you didn't do something special, memorable, or Pinterest-worthy this Valentine's Day.

Because that's just the perfection myth trying to trip you up again.

Instead of beating yourself up because you fell short of some unreachable goal, fill yourself up with love until it spills right over.
Guilt will pull you down. But love will lift you up.
For your kids.
Your partner.
Your world.
And then do this:
Hug your favorite people close and tell them something you love about them. Something that makes them shine.
Be authentic. Look them in the eyes. Go deep.
Because that's what it's all about anyway.
Wasn't that better than heart-shaped pink pancakes and too much chocolate?

It sure was over here.






11 thoughts on “Only love

  1. KC says:

    I didn’t do anything at all. I didn’t even tell my girls about Valentines day. They don’t know what it is. So I’ll just show them all the love I do everyday. 🙂

    I’m so glad you are the opposite of main steam Rachel!

  2. Margaret B. says:

    Yes, that is valentines day around here this year, too (though my big boy did surprise us with some nice little paper-cut hearts, and my husband made me laugh hysterically by giving me the cheesiest store-bought valentine card with a goofy puppy photo on it!!)

    Thanks for the perfect post Rachel —

    p.s. I was thinking of you all this misty-moisty morning when my little guy & I visited a small local farm. Oh, the lambs!! so many lambs! xo

  3. casey u says:

    I woke up yesterday to find that my oldest (6) had made a card and given a piece of candy to his younger brother (4) all on his own. I helped the four year old pick out a cookie at the grocery store for his older brother later. I had gotten a card for my husband, and we had sushi and wine for dinner. That’s it. Just small reminders of our family’s love for each other. It was rather nice.

  4. Nahuatl Vargas says:

    Yes beautiful thing to read, we don’t have so mush guilt factor over here, Valentine’s Day is big consumerism day here in Mexico, but it does not run too deep. I think that there are so many holidays over there that are meant to require so much effort and gifts from parents, that are also nice traditions, but often become a burden, I wish everyone could just feel enough and content. And I don’t mean all of this as mean critic, because we have other big social burdens in our own society, just not the same ones, we should all feel better about it.

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