This morning









This morning I woke up early, wedged between my kids and my husband.

Four-across in a king-sized bed.

Both of my kids mutter sweetness in their sleep and honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Serious sweetness. Even at 2 AM it's yummy. (Usually.)

This morning though my hip was aching from not rolling over and I couldn't resettle so I got up early.


As I came downstairs I noticed a feeling in my legs I haven't had since gardening season. The delicious ache of having done something with these muscles I've been granted.

In this case, skiing yesterday – breaking trail through the deep just fallen snow with the kids. Putting back the path that wind and the last storm had erased.

This morning though the ski trail – and everything else in the field – was unseen. Just darkness outside my window. The moon was hanging over the barn, getting ready to tuck in and the sun was still sound asleep behind the eastern hills.

My house and the world beyond was cold and dark.

And quiet.


Quiet is a treat in this chapter of my life. I'm so rarely alone.

So I made a pot of tea and spent some time writing, wrapped up in a blanket, sitting at the kitchen table. I'm finally finding my groove with the book I'd like to write, and carving out a moment of time to work was a gift.


And the sky brightened.

And one child awoke.


We headed to the barn to feed the bottle lambs.

And then, before the sun had crested the hills the two of us snapped into our skis and headed around the loop trail one time before breakfast.


And before I knew it the day had begun.


And this morning I realized that like you, I am rich.

Rich in time spent cuddled with my favorite people in a warm and cozy nest.

Rich with a moment of silence, enjoyed alone in the morning.

Rich in the simple pleasure of a cup of hot tea.

Rich in the frost on the trees and the pink in the sky as the sun stretches itself awake.


Rich in things that we can not measure.

Rich in things that are not things at all.


Like friendship.




And peace.


Rich in a simple presence and a depth of living that we didn't even know was missing before we found it again.



16 thoughts on “This morning

  1. Nahuatl Vargas says:

    So beautiful.
    We are back in the beautiful path of homeschooling, and I’m still going very late to bed and having trouble waking up early, but yes, we are so rich and lucky to have the time to expend together. Also we sleep in the same bed, and it’s so nice and warm.
    Thank you for sharing.

    This may be a fool question, but why the lambs need to be bottle fed if they have their mom near?

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    Two of our flock of lambs are not nursing. One was our first lamb, who was separated from his mum during the night, so she rejected him when they came back together. The other was a very weak lamb that we had to repeatedly bring inside who now never figured out how to nurse, despite his mamas endless patience and acceptance!

  3. Knitting Mole says:

    This is always my problem too, even if I do get to flip over during the night…by morning I have to get up otherwise I’ll be sore all day. Mind you, I’m a very “hippy hippie” 🙂 Just one of the many things I inherited from my mother’s side of the family – Enormous hips! (It’s the aching feet at the end of the night that make me feel like an old lady ((and the fact that I’m complaining about my aches and pains on the internet makes me feel like a CYBER-OLD-LADY!!)) haha

  4. Katie @ Life With The Crew says:

    I wake up sore in bed also – but it is from being stuck between two dogs and one little babe who throws herself horizontally across the bed. She is getting long! As much as I complain about it, I don’t have the heart to make them get down (the dogs) – they just want to be warm and snuggly too! Sounds like life is good for you right now.

  5. Alison says:

    Such a beautiful post to wake up to this morning as the bright light streams in through our windows and our little one discovers her toys all over again. Rich indeed!!

  6. renee~heirloomseasons says:

    Sleep talking family here too! Everyone! (Except me? I don’t know, I am usually too busy talking to myself in my dreams..) It was an adventure when my oldest was little, lots of sleep walking! She would wander about, sit in her dollhouse, try to climb into the bathtub instead of back into bed, and one night tried to walk right out the front door!
    We cosleep in a full size bed. So obviously the teenager has been out for quite a while now, and husband moves the 9 year old when he comes to bed, sadly there is only room baby with us now…
    Hope you are enjoying your rain, snow, ending winter days…
    Love to you and your family and all your little critters!

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