Two worlds


Today you have a choice.

Between two worlds.

Two stories.

Two truths.


Today you get to decide what surrounds you. What frames your life.

What is your life.


To choose beauty when first you see only flaws.

To reach for understanding when you are washed with fear.

To inhale and exhale find allowing when you hunger for control.

To accept what you wish to reject.

To embrace what you first push away.


In your parenting, in your love, in your neighbor, in yourself.


It won't always be easy.

You will falter.

But the next moment will present another opportunity to choose.


Because two worlds exist in the same moment.

One is flawed, frustrating, imperfect.

The other is beautiful, welcome, and free.


And they are of course one in the same.


Only your perspective decides which world surrounds your heart and creates the story of your life.

Which will you choose?



11 thoughts on “Two worlds

  1. Alison says:

    Really needed this today (and all week)… teething, miserable babe who wants to be on her mama day and night 🙂 Always love posts that bring us back to the moment where we can choose beauty.

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