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This weekend I slipped away for a restorative few days with my sister and two life-long friends.

We headed into the Northern Wisconsin winter and spent our getaway at my family's cabin beside the Wolf River.

This cabin, built by my grandpa and my great-grandpa, next door to the only home I remember my grandparents in. A place is so rich with memories I can hardly put words to the feeling.

I know every rock. Every tree. Every story.

My sister and I have been coming here since before we can remember and my friends since we were teens or twenty-somethings, respectively. So all of us – to some extent – were coming home. 

This is even where I stood with these same three women and dressed for my wedding almost fifteen years ago.

So yeah. It's a pretty special place.

It's also a long drive so Pete, the kids and I don't make it there often. What a treat to slip away to there this season.

There were winter walks, hikes, and ski trips. Leisurely cups of coffee and tea, outstanding food, a bit of writing, and a ridiculous amount of knitting and talking around the fire.

It was just what I needed.

What a rare indulgence of taking care of only myself for a change. I'm afraid I never made a habit of that as a young mother.

A trip like this was so foreign when my children were small.

Okay, foreign and dreamy and abhorrent all at once.

As a young mom my self-care looked more like tying a baby on my back and going for a walk, sneaking a few bites of ice cream while my child was occupied, or hoping to steal a weekly shower without interruption.

A weekend away was not on the agenda. Nor did I want it to be.

But suddenly, somehow, my children are ready. I'm ready. They aren't small anymore. They don't need me every moment. So I had the space in which to go.

I had their encouragement even.

And the days away did me so much good.


After a few days of soaking in the restorative quiet of the weekend, it was time to return.

We packed up our yarn and skis and memories and drove in different directions home.


And as good as it felt to be gone it feels equally good to be back.


Today though I'm mostly just thrilled that I managed to carve out a little time for me

I might be more than a decade rusty in that department, but I think it's a skill I'm ready to practice once more.

Again and again until I get it right.


And with that, I'm heading out to snuggle with this family of mine. All. Darn. Day.

Because honestly – today there's no place else I'd rather be.



4 thoughts on “Away

  1. Lindsey says:

    I love this. Whenever I go away (which is rare) I find myself longing to come home. I think there’s tremendous value in being reminded how very much I adore my regular life. xox

  2. Jill says:

    What an excellent weekend! I love Northern WI. We try to sneak away to that area once a year. The small quaint towns draw me in!

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