Free LuSa samples

Pouring Booty Balm (each item is 100% handmade)

Booty Balms, cooling in the sunshine

LuSa Organics Booty Balm

Samples! Happy Dance EO blend

Happy Dance Essential Oil blend

Handmade soaps cure for one month before they are ready to sell

Calendula Baby Soap

While I don't offer affiliate links or blog sponsorship on Clean, I do own a small business of my own that I'd love to share with you more often.

As many of you know I founded a little company called LüSa Organics when Lupine was a newborn.

Like this space, it grew completely out of my passion for what I was creating and love of the process. I like to think that that energy still comes through in everything we make.

And so many of you have left the sweetest notes on your orders saying that you found LüSa through the blog (or the blog through LüSa) and that you treasure both. Thank you for sharing those words! It means so much to all of us.

I've been mindful to not talk about LüSa constantly here. I don't want this space to feel like it's all self-promotion.

That being said, I have lovely things to offer that might just make your life a little sweeter. So I am considering posting LüSa coupons or special offers every so often here on a Saturday for those of you who love what we make or are curious to give it a try.

Do tell me what you think of this idea, won't you, friends? Thanks.

This weekend's offer follows!


Place any LüSa Organics order this weekend and add your choice of product samples.

(Two samples per customer, please. While they last! If we run out we'll substitute something else.)

What size order do you have to place? It's up to you. Order a heap of goodies or a single bar of soap.


Choose your sample-sized items from the list below:

Belly Balm: for expectant mamas

Booty Balm: organic calendula balm for all manner of sore skin or rashes

Happy Dance: Essential oil blend for grouchy days

Calendula Baby Soap: Baby's first soap. Gentle, organic calendula. Lovely facial bar, too.

Or receive a scrappy end cut of our limited edition, not-yet-released Locavore Tallow Soap! Made with local, organic sunflower oil and locally sourced grass-fed tallow. (These are small wonky trim bars. They're not pretty but they're amazing.)


To receive your samples just leave the comment "Spring Samples" on any LüSa order. Then tell us the one or two samples you would prefer! (Or let us choose for you.)

While supplies last. Offer good through Tuesday, March 31, 2015.


Have a beautiful weekend, friends. Thanks for cheering me on.






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    The LuSa link that you had to the LuSa soap that you brush your teeth to did not work for me. Can you give me the name of the LuSa soap that you use to brush your teeth to?

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    Risa Warren

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