Two new balms! (a LüSa Organics giveaway)

As most of you know, I own a small body care company called LüSa Organics.

And while you're more likely to find me talking about homeschooling, homesteading, parenting, or nourishing food here on Clean, I do occasionally share a LüSa giveaway with my readers.

Today is one such day.

Because? New balms!

Giveaway! LüSa Organics Balms

I never expected that part of my life's work would result in this happy little body care rainbow.

Because dang if that isn't the cutest thing I have ever seen!

This collection began in 2002 with Booty Balm, our bestselling organic baby balm that I originally made in our kitchen just for Sage. Funny to see that as he turns 13 this summer my favorite creation for him is still going strong. (That's Sage's cute little face on the labels. *sniff*)

My love for creating organic, herb-infused, essential oil balms could not be bridled and things blossomed from there.

And so LüSa (and this little rainbow) was born.

Giveaway! LüSa Organics Balms

It's a rare treat for us to release a new product, but this week we managed to launch not one but two new balms. We have been testing and tweaking the recipes for most of a year so I'm over the moon to finally send them out into the world.

When I shared an early prototype with some friends at a knitting retreat last year one woman exclaimed, "What is up with this balm? I can't stop dipping into this tin! It's like an open bag of chips."

Addictive and delicious.
But (lucky for us!) much healthier than cheese puffs. 

Both of our new balms are made with a rich, fast-absorbing moisturizing base that I made of organic jojoba oil, organic hempseed oil, and fair trade, organic shea butter.

So you get to choose if it's a body cream, as an aromatherapy balm, or both.

I vote both.

Giveaway! LüSa Organics Balms

To Calm Balm we add essential oils of lavender, tangerine, chamomile, and ylang ylang. Rub into hands, feet, temples and neck at bedtime.

Heaven indeed.

Giveaway! LüSa Organics Balms

Giveaway! LüSa Organics Balms

To Bliss Balm we added another favorite essential oil blend. Sweet orange with just a touch of lavender, clementine, tangerine, and ylang ylang.

Our favorite balm for days that could, well, use a bit more bliss.


Today I'm giving away the whole rainbow to one lucky winner here on Clean!

Our winner will receive the following: one small Da Balm and Cheek & Chin Balm; and one regular Bliss Balm, Chest Rub, Booty Balm, and Calm Balm.

And these area wonderful for far beyond the baby years. (For example, we use Da Balm on our arms after gardening, Calm Balm before bedtime or for meditation, Cheek & Chin on cuticles, and Booty Balm on absolutely everything. So many wonderful ways to use these balms at any age!

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"I'm just imagining the heavenly smell of your Bliss Balm…"

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I'll choose a winner on Tuesday!

177 thoughts on “Two new balms! (a LüSa Organics giveaway)

  1. Beth says:

    We are having so much FUN w/our Summer Treasure Box. I have to admit I bought the subscription because I wanted to support your business and give my kids something to open on the solstices and equinoxes that wasn’t another toy. I really thought I was set w/your other amazing products. But now I’m as into the new products as they are. I didn’t know I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a sun spray. You are the best w/the scents! The arnica muscle rub is way more fun and soothing than popping the oral remedy. My husband says, “it really works.” We’ve all 4 managed to need to use it a few times this summer. The tinted balm is fun as a little different thing (we only stock Halloween make-up around here). And of course I could use another of the amazing deodorant. I HOPE you’re thinking about making that a permanent product!? And the sun screen is GREAT! Just when I was running low. These balms sound great, too. You’re on a creative roll, huh!?

  2. Andrea says:

    That rainbow looks heavenly!! I love our da balm and I’m loving my summer treasure box too. I would love to try the new balms for my kiddos and I.

  3. Erica says:

    We’ve really fallen back in love with lusa recently. We branched out and realized nothing tops lusa!

  4. Breanne says:

    I love all your products! Would love to get these too. I have a little 3 year old who struggles falling asleep!

  5. Carly Ryan says:

    I would love to win these! Been looking at the site and products for awhile and looking forward to placing an order soon!

  6. Marie says:

    Oh! Yes! We love your balms (and oils and soaps…) And would absolutely love a chance to win this lovely rainbow! Thanks.

  7. Janice says:

    I love everything you make!! It’s an addiction!! Looking forward to sharing your wonderful products with our first grandchild. My daughter has them stashed and ready to go! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  8. Megan says:

    We are huge fans of Da Balm so far and have multiple containers in multiple places so we never run out so I would love to try any of the other ones you make. Our big tin of Da Balm actually gets packed in my 10 year old’s bag every weekend to visit daddy just in case. She makes that choice because she never wants to be without it. We’ve actually given out your company name and website at our local farmer’s market here in RI to our customers with eczema and things like that because we are such fans. I can only imagine what the other colors in the rainbow have to offer.

  9. tamika anderson says:

    That is an awesome giveaway!! I finally used the booty balm on a booty and love it ha!

  10. Krista says:

    We just had a baby girl on Wednesday and were introduced to LuSa from my sister in law, who loves her LuSa! Thanks for making great products!

  11. Rachel Wolf says:

    So wonderful, Megan! And thank you for sharing the love with other families. If you ever want us to send you referral cards just let me know! They have a free shipping code for new customers and you get a free bar of soap with ever referral. Win, win, win!

  12. Rachel Wolf says:

    Hilarious, lady! I didn’t know you hadn’t tried it. Your fourth baby is going to be slathered in all the good stuff! (Big sister and big brother love included.) Hi to your girls from Lupine.

  13. Brittney Gomez says:

    I want to smell them all! I love your products, and that rainbow of packaging looks lovely 💕

  14. Brittney Gomez says:

    Subscribed 🙂 Or at least I think I did 😛 I used the “type in your email” box on the right side column 😉

  15. Anya says:

    These new balms sound amazing! I am a long time fan of your wonderful products, and can’t wait to try your new creations. Also am seven months pregnant and looking forward to using your balms on my new little bebe friend!

  16. karen says:

    shared the old fashioned way – sang LuSa’s praises to a mom friend over coffee this AM!

  17. Amanda says:

    You are on a roll! Didn’t know about the arnica rub. Kicking myself for not signing up for the goodie packs.

  18. Angela says:

    Thank you for your give away offer! Just started using the sleeping potion on our little 3 year old who has had problems going to sleep and it really has helped! Can’t wait to try your new balms!

  19. Nikki T says:

    Oh, how we already love your other balms. They travel with us far and near because we are always finding a use for them. And now two new balms – aak! Not to mention our serious love of rainbows over here. What joy:)

  20. Sherri says:

    Would love to try your products. I found your Pants Leg Bag on Pinterest and it lead me to you. I use a lot of essential oil products and handmade soaps and such and am looking forward to trying your Rainbow of Balms.

  21. Kara says:

    Waaahhhh! I do love so many of these balms. We use Calm Balm on my son’s eczema with amazing results, but it’s also been great this summer on mosquito bites. (Is it just me, or are those mama mosquitoes extra hungry this year?) And I was lucky enough to receive a sample of bliss balm with one of my orders, and it’s kind of my favorite thing. I’m sharing via Facebook and shouting off my porch, although that second thing shouldn’t really count because only the chickens can hear me 😉

  22. Knitting Mole says:

    The Bliss balm sounds like just what we need (we already use the Booty Balm on EVERYTHING! even though our baby is now 4 going on 10! haha!)

  23. CathyT says:

    My boys, and me too, would love more bedtime calm and bliss in our lives! Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Spiritmama says:

    I would love this chance to try out your balms. Thank you for this. I love it that its Sage’s face on the label of Booty Balm.

  25. tracy says:

    In a few weeks I’ll be welcoming (another) babe into this wild world we live in, so I’d love the new balms! I’m going to be needing all the sleep/crank help I can get

  26. LAC says:

    Rachel, thanks for another great giveaway! Love your stuff and am so excited at how well your deodorant I just received works 🙂 Would love to win this rainbow of balms – I wonder if the calm balm would help my elderly grandma sleep? She can rarely sleep more than a few hours at a time. Well, may have to order if I don’t win!

  27. Katie says:

    I recently moved to Oregon from Madison (WI) and have been sharing the LuSa love with the (many) people who comment on the good smells coming from my office (usually your Grounding essential oil). Thank you!!! If I win I plan to share my bounty with my office mates!

  28. Shannon Lemon says:

    Ugh I love everything about this!! I’ve been dieing to try ur balms for a looong time!

  29. Dreamer Becky says:

    Ohhhh Rachel ~ this is one of the most *amazing* rainbows I have ever seen…I might have let out a little squeal of delight upon seeing the photo! A whole rainbow of healing & soothing balms – fabulous! Thank you for offering such a lovely & generous giveaway ~ many blessings to you & your sweet family+*+*+

  30. Dreamer Becky says:

    I also promptly sent out and an email (& might have shouted it from the porch too!) sharing this with family & friends who I know will be as delighted as I to see this lovely rainbow+*+*+* Thank you!

  31. Kate C. says:

    Many young kids have the world “ball” in their early vocabulary from playing with a toy ball. My 21 month old, however, constantly asks for “ball”…meaning one of your many balms she sees around the house. We love them! 🙂

  32. Eva says:

    After pampering myself with the goodies from my (your) Treasure Box, I felt so uplifted and with an extra dose of patience that I thought it was time to teach our baby boy to sleep…after 1 week trying no-cry methods with mediocre results, I think your new balms are just what we need! One to relax him to help him fall asleep (the sleeping potion soap needs some help) and one for cranky days when he did not sleep as well as he ought to…or perhaps for us for the days we slept even less than him! 🙂 I wish booty balm did the trick as I am addicted to how it smells!

  33. EllasMom says:

    Thank you to my friend Sara for posting your products on Facebook – I was not aware of you before! Aren’t friends wonderful??

  34. Terri says:

    We really enjoy your products and also like knowing they come from a family like ours who raises sheep, and is outdoors a lot, and produces much of their own food. Thanks for all you do for us!

  35. Loma says:

    These aren’t just for babies, right? I’d love to pamper myself with Bliss, Chest, or Calm Balm.

  36. Kay says:

    Wow! All these responses….must make you feel rewarded!
    All I can say is: “thank you”
    for your blog & your products.
    Love them all!

  37. Karie says:

    I absolutely love your products for my family. The sleepy baby roll on is a life saver for those long nights and the booty balm is gentle and affective. I use bliss balm when life is hectic and it really seems to show things down, at least in my head

  38. Shawnna Webber says:

    We use your products every single day…we love them all and I’m so excited for something new! Hope we win! !

  39. Katie says:

    We used up many-a-tub of booty balm on our little baby, who’s about to turn two. We’ll have to restock now that we’re expecting a new little one!

  40. Lindsey says:

    Your pictures are beautiful and I enjoy reading about what essential oil blends are used for what. This would be an amazing little collection to have! Thank you for putting so much time and love into making products that work and are safe for our little ones.

  41. Anne in NC says:

    My skin could really use some balm. Thanks for the generous giveaway — please pick me! 😀

  42. Jessica says:

    I am eager to try Calm Balm but won’t be able to order until after 8/1. Funds, yo! But I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic deal in August too because you always do. Also, I’m so very ready for fall and going to try to talk my husband into letting me get the next treasure box. 🙂

  43. Sara W. says:

    I found your blog last fall while pregnant and searching for a rooibos chai recipe. I’ve been visiting ever since, and find lots of encouragement here for parenting, farming, and living creatively and authentically. Thanks for your work Rachel. I would love to try your balms.

  44. Rebekah says:

    Thank you for this! Your blog is a special source of encouragement to me and a wealth of knowledge!

  45. laura says:

    Loving my Summer Treasure Box and can’t wait for the next surprises! Would also love to try the new balms…everything from you and yours is fabulous. 🙂

  46. karen proctor says:

    What wonderful balms! I love their names and the essential oil blends sound amazing. My body and soul could really use these to soothe my skin and calm my nerves while undertaking some major home repairs.

  47. Shanda says:

    My daughter loves Da Balm for her eczema flare ups. She also calls your chamomile soap her “eczema soap” because it calms the itchy feeling. Both new balms sound great. I’m wondering if Calm Balm would help my toddler at bedtime. He can’t seem to settle down these last couple of months.

  48. Kendra Mitchell says:

    I seem to have developed an allergy to something in my garden and randomly break out in hives – cheek and chin balm is very calming. Would love to try the others!

  49. Phoebe says:

    I love your products and recommend them (and this blog) to those who will love it as much as I do.
    Thanks for all the care you put into each item you make

  50. Elena says:

    Amazing products from an amazing family business. So excited at the chance for my family to win this beautiful rainbow of natural products.

  51. Helen says:

    Count me in! I so have loved your blms (as have my kiddos) that it would be a pleasure to be gifted a full set. One that would go to great use!

  52. Lizzie says:

    That lovely little rainbow really made me smile. Perhaps you did it on purpose, but I like to imagine you designing the labels and, after the fact, looking at them and thinking, “hang on…rainbow!!” 😉

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