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I think Lupine was turning four the first time she had a tea party for her birthday. And every year since she's made the same request: a tea party with her dearest friends.

For a couple of years I remember wondering aloud, "Really, Lu? Are you sure you want another tea party?" But now I see how very Lupine it is, and a perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun. And forever more Lupine's birthday will be inextricably interwoven with memories of fancy tea parties in my heart.

I think when she was small I was more concerned with making everything 'perfect', fun, and magical. Because you only turn four (or five, or six) once. Decorations, food, dessert, favors – I even remember wondering if we should plan activities for the kids to do during the party.

But I've mellowed with age and came to realize that there is no need for elaborate preparations. That if the party is small the fun takes care of itself.

And so our preparations were simple. We hit the flea market for a vintage tea cup for each friend (yes, the day before the party), and then Lupine set to work on setting the table. A 1970's bed sheet from my fabric stash for a tablecloth, some old dishes from our camper, a hand-me-down tea pot from my sister. Oh, and those three pretty vintage cups. Add a plate of sliced veggies with goat cheese and mini hot dogs, then finish with some homemade ice cream and lots of toppings. Easy-peasy.

I think our entire party budget was under $20 if you don't count food (and even with food it was easily under $50).

Less is more. Less is more. Less is more.

Yes, indeed.

Honestly, this year's big and thrilling addition was a set of paper umbrella toothpicks that Pete brought home from the grocery store. And I mean really. If you keep things simple enough, toothpick umbrellas are a huge win. I like that. A lot.

In the end, she had a wonderful, simple, oh-so-Lupine celebration.

I can't imagine it any other way.

6 thoughts on “A tea party

  1. Michelle says:

    Absolutely perfect. So simple. People often comment to me how excited and thrilled that Athena is with simple things. I think it is due, in large part, to the fact that we dont overwhelm her by doing everything and going everywhere. She was in awe at fireworks the first one and only time she has seen them. They were shot off at a farm down the road and she could barely see them but oh the excitement! And she has never been to the fair (the ones that roll through town with all of those rides) but is positively beaming when she goes on the musical merry go round with the horses that go up and down at a city park. Pure joy.

  2. Rachel Wolf says:

    This reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend about waterparks near her house. They had never been and she stated it so simply: I just dont want my kids to expect life to be that exciting. Because when they do, the little things can lose their magic.

  3. Susan says:

    Tasha Tudor’s surprise tea party in the woods is real magic!
    Not too difficult to set up, where it can be “found” by the birthday child and guests

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