Forest Kids: Open for Business!

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As some of you will remember, when Sage was nine he creates a small business selling hand-dyed play silks. They were a hit and he quickly sold all he that he could make. He's been on sabbatical (save a stint making tiny terrariums) ever since.

Lupine started a business of her own at the sweet age of six, offering up homemade scented play dough. After two weeks she shut down her Etsy sales to keep from being buried in orders!

Yesterday, after much deliberation, they decided to both jump back in the game and begin to sell their signature products once more. They're joining forces a bit, and decided to offer both products under one new name.

Introducing… Forest Kids!

Sage and Lupine are currently accepting pre-orders for play Sage's play silks and Lupine's play dough (from now until Tuesday, November 24).

Items will be made to order and delivered before the Solstice and Christmas season.

You can find their current product listings in the "Kid Made" section of my Etsy shop, here.

Many thanks for supporting their ambitions homeschooling/small business project!


You can read more here about how running their own small business provides learning opportunities to our kids.

5 thoughts on “Forest Kids: Open for Business!

  1. Jeanette says:

    my kids have seemed to always have a little shop of one kind or another going when they were little. selling little odds and ends….making candies….many a quarter I spent “shopping” over the years 😉 It progressed to Etsy shops as they got older and now my daughter even makes hand knits to sell in our local yarn shop. Its such a great way for them to learn! I like to see kids getting these opportunities to learn through real life experiences….yay homeschooling for the win!

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