We donate when you buy (plus free tinted lip balms, with our thanks)

Please note: I have extended this donation/lip balm offer for another day since many of you missed this post this weekend! Order good through the end of Monday, November 23. 
(Autumn Treasure Box pictured)
Yesterday I talked about taking action and leading with love in a time of fear. I mentioned that we are doing a fundraiser and thought I would share the details here for those who were interested.
LüSa Organics will donate $5 for every Winter Treasure Box purchased and $20 for every Annual Treasure Box subscription you buy to the International Rescue Committee – people doing real on-the-ground work where help is most needed in the Syrian refugee crisis.
As an extra thank you for blog readers only, add a comment of "tint for me" to your Treasure Box order and we will add a limited edition tinted lip balm to your Winter Treasure Box delivery, with our thanks.
You can find our Treasure Boxes here.

Give even more. (This is my favorite part.)
Choose the additional amount you want to donate and purchase a LüSa gift certificate in that amount. Add a comment of "GIFT OF LOVE" to your order and instead of issuing you your gift certificate we will donate the full gift certificate amount on your behalf.

Please place order by November 22, 2015 so that we make make our donations promptly and help in this time of need.

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