Doll make-unders

Lupine spent much of last weekend working on a project that we're both quite taken with.

Inspired by Tree Change Dolls, she gave two thrift store Bratz Dolls make-unders, transforming them with nail polish remover and acrylic paint.

And while there are so many things that we could discuss here (not the least of which is why we market dolls like the originals to children), I think I'd rather let these photographs do the talking.

The original doll is shown below at left, and Lupine's first make-under at right. What a transformation!

DSC_9380 (1)








The process for a doll make-under is simple. Indeed, Lupine did all of the work (save stitching some corduroy pants) on her own.

After she repainted their faces Lupine spent days sculpting, sewing, and woodworking everything her dolls needed.

It was a lovely project in so many ways.







And then Lupine came to me with one of her dolls. The doll (originally clad in a tight dress and stiletto heels) was wearing a cotton shawl and calico dress and was now holding a small basket of green leaves. Her doll, Lupine said, had foraged a basket of medicinal herbs. She unpacked the basket, one tiny sculpted plant after another.

"There is nettle, mint, white pine, and motherwort."

And I knew then that the Bratz dolls were gone, and the ones that stood in their place spoke to who my child was and what she valued more than I ever could have imagined. Transformation complete!


You can learn more about Tree Change Dolls here and watch her how-to videos if you or your child are inspired to create your own!



8 thoughts on “Doll make-unders

  1. Jeanette says:

    I truly love this. There needs to be this kind of movement….this kind of “standing up” and letting the commercial world know what we think. Our children, our daughters, need to see this. So happy Lupine made such sweet dolls who represent what life means to her and yay to mama for facilitating that.

  2. Laura says:

    Literally one of my favorite things I’ve seen on the internet recently. This is the BEST example of recycling (and upcycling!). Go Lupine!

  3. Pamela R says:

    How fun! I’ve been dismayed at the fact that you can’t just buy sweet little dolls anymore. O LOVED how Lupine made the “scary” dolls so sweet. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Holly Dean says:

    Oh, wow, I LOVE her doll! We’re going to make one today. Thanks for the inspiration! I think I’ll give sewing doll clothes a try, after all. <3

  5. mb says:

    I’ve seen the Tree Change Dolls — I love this for so many reasons. And I love that Lupine undertook this project for herself — so lovely.


  6. Shell ~ says:

    ~ Wonderful Lupine, . . . what an artist you are !
    The dolls are so happy now that they can relax and live in nature with you.
    Terrific clothes you made & so neat that they are going wild harvesting for herbs.
    Have fun playing !
    Shell ~

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